Friday, January 20, 2017

'Ain't nobody scared of no #&@! Donald Trump!'

"Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war.". - Julius Caesar

In November of last year for whatever reason, America took a headfirst leap into a dark abyss. We elected a blundering, lying boob with more mouth than sense and more inane bravado than integrity.

The so-called upholders of virtue and morality let their masks slip as they abandoned the integrity they claimed to have in order to cheerlead his ascension. They fashioned a halo from his horns and ignored his tail and pitchfork. They ignored the fact that over 18 million people may lose their healthcare if he carried through with his plans and pushed aside whatever other calamities, lies, and all around disasters which may happen under his guard as they drooled over the prospect of making America a "Christian" nation. "Christian" by their interpretation, of course.

And they stand in front of a pack of pampered, trust fund holding, over privileged hordes eager to remake America in the images they have discussed and dreamed about while planning all sorts of chaos in their think tanks and foundations.

Meanwhile, us regular and common folks seem to be like naked villagers in the dead of winter, shivering from cold and fear while the wolves surround us. Particularly those of us who are lgbts. We wait in anticipation of the possible havoc to come as certain parties are eager to undo all of the progress we made over the last eight years.

We wait in anticipation, but not in fear. Some of us are scared and that's healthy. But I look at it this way. We fought hard for our progress and we are not going to hand it over. We fought hard for our healthcare and we won't be giving it up without a fight.

No one is scared of you, soon-to-be President Donald Trump. And no one is scared of those who are coming with you. We are going to fight your nonsense. We are going to take you to the limit in everything. And we are going to win.

So enjoy your inauguration day. Whatever fantasies you have in finally gaining power and respect are fulfilled. You got the prize. 

We have to deal with your mess for probably four years at the very least. But you also have to deal with us.  I would suggest that you stumble yourself into correct behavior. Accidentally do the right things if you must.

But if and when you step out of line, WE. WILL. CORRECT. YOU. You weren't elected king. You now work for us.

And as for your friends, particularly those attempting move the needle backwards on lgbt equality, DO NOT fool yourselves. You are still immoral liars masquerading as virtuous upholders of Christianity.

And lies told in the name of God are still lies. And you will never win.