Thursday, April 25, 2019

Franklin Graham subject of brutal twitter ratio after condemning Pete Buttigieg's sexual orientation

Editor's note - No news briefs on Friday because of a personal issue.

I hate the fact that the Huffington Post beat me to the punch on this because I witnessed the occurrence as it took place. Still, it's nice to point out.

Anti-LGBTQ pastor and Donald Trump supporter Franklin Graham took it upon himself to scold presidential candidate Pete Buttigief about his sexual orientation in a series of posts like so:

Usually when Franklin tweets something, particularly about current events (and taking an anti-LGBTQ point of view), the retweets are mostly "amens" and sycophantic agreements. Not this time. Franklin got twitter spanked so badly that he was reduced to meekly posting other Biblical verses. Some of the responses he received from the Buttigieg tweets are as follows:

Needless to say that others were, shall we say, less polite. But you can click on Graham's tweet and read the responses for yourself. 

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