Sunday, June 11, 2023

Anti-LGBTQ social media influencers spread easily proven lie about White House Pride Month celebration

 How petty are homophobic and transphobic people? This petty. They are having an intense tantrum about the White House Pride celebration held last weekend. While some of them are outright saying they hate the idea of President Biden celebrating LGBTQ lives and issues (poor babies), others are manufacturing other excuses.

It's the old "I have no problems but gays but they are going too far because . . ."narrative. Now usually they say this before they are about to falsely accuse us of going after kids. In this case, it's all about flags:

It's been like this on Twitter all day Saturday and Sunday with various "social media influencers" showing the same image, which spewing the same dramatic spiel about the end of America, how wokeness is wrecking the country, etc etc.  You know how they are. Whenever there is a narrative they can exploit, they tend to repeat it until it's drilled into our heads and becomes the story. In other words, we can expect to hear the lie that the Biden Administration disrespected the American flag because of Pride Month until we can repeat it in our sleep.

But, like so many other times the far-right creates a cause celebre, this one is a lie. Luckily a lot of other folks on Twitter easily pointed that out:

There is a certain glee I take when it comes to these idiots.  LGBTQ people are supposed to be the disruptors. We are supposed to be liars, the enemies of truth, the danger to kids and American values. Yet it is the supposed morally straight and religiously pure who are reduced to telling easily disproven lies.

What a bunch of pretentious bitches.