Monday, December 04, 2017

'Religious liberty' is merely the newest weapon in the 'war on the gays'

And here we go again with what I like to call "the eternal struggle." I call it that because we've been through this before and we'll probably go through it several more times in the future.

The anti-LGBTQ industry will meet us yet again at SCOTUS combat with the stakes being our equality. More specifically, a Colorado baker, with the assistance of groups who live to rip away LGBTQ equality, will see if he can use his religion as an excuse to discriminate against the LGBTQ community. The case has far reaching implications.

Don't be fooled by the spin pushed forth by anti-LGBTQ industry groups such as hate group the Family Research Council and the baker's lawyers from another hate group, the Alliance Defending Freedom. This case is not about a simple Christian being attacked or persecuted by pushy gays (which is always the spin that side puts out there) nor is it about a cake. It's not about religious freedom or religious liberty, What it's about is the same thing as the fight for marriage equality, the sodomy laws, or even the fight over adoption has been about.

It's about groups with lots of money and influence who are willing to hide their animus against the LGBTQ community behind a religious veneer while constantly working to deprive us of equality. When you pull back the phony religious layer, you will see that we are talking about decades of ugliness.

In the 70s, they said the children must be protected from "recruitment" since gays supposedly can't reproduce.

In the 80s, they exploited the ignorance regarding the AIDS crisis to make lgbts seem like deserving pariahs.

In the 90s. it was all about keeping us from receiving unfair "special rights."

And in the early 2000's, it was all about "protecting marriage."

So now we are in the middle of yet another con job propagated by slick verbiage, straw man arguments, junk science, and anecdotal stories taken out of context - i.e. "religious liberty."

'Will SCOTUS allow 'religious liberty' to send America back to the bigotry of the past?' & other Mon midday new briefs

This week's SCOTUS case is not just about a cake, but a question of have we learned anything from history?

A Supreme Court ruling in favor of Masterpiece Cakeshop would destroy discrimination law. - Will a supposed adherence to a form of the Christian religion allow discrimination against LGBTQ customers and bring in an era in which anyone - particularly African-Americans, people of the Jewish faith, the Latino community, and the rest who are considered as "the other" - can be put at risk for the idea of "religious liberty." It's never been about a cake.

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Democrat appeals decision striking down his order banning discrimination. - Louisiana Gov. Bel Edwards goes to bat for the LGBTQ community. 

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