Thursday, April 10, 2014

Matt Barber's homophobic dilemma or . . . is Liberty University in league with 'Satan?'

Matt Barber
Liberty University Dean and arch-homophobe Matt Barber was interviewed today by the equally vile Cliff Kincaid. Naturally with those two together, one can easily guess the subject - those "evil homosexuals."

From Right Wing Watch:

During the program, Kincaid asked Barber about his new BarbWire website and why he felt the need to start this new project, to which Barber replied that it was built because "we are at war" with Satan and so the website was designed to play a key role in waging "spiritual warfare." "We are going to take a firm position," Barber explained, "we're not going to take even an inch step backward in this culture war. We recognize that we are at war here with the radical progressive left in the United States of America and so we are going to cut through all of their nonsense, all of their propaganda, the lies of the enemy; you know, as a Christian site, the enemy being the Prince of the Earth, Satan himself, that's what we're up against here. And this is very much spiritual warfare":

Hyperbole is nothing new for Barber. But this time, I think it's safe to say that he is now in the middle of the largest contradiction of homophobia thus far in 2014. You see, it's ironic that Barber implies that fighting the lgbt community is like fighting against Satan when his employer, Liberty University is presently in the middle of a controversy involving a gay man it hired to choreograph a play.

'Teacher suspended for merely being transgender' and other Thursday midday news briefs

WATCH: Texas Teacher Suspended for Being Transgender - This is a load of junk. Parents complained because they didn't want to explain to their children the subject of being transgender. It's been my experience that children generally handle discussions like these better than parents. 

Breitbart Texas Smears Teacher Suspended For Being Transgender - And crap like this doesn't help anyone.

Dayton Approves Tougher Anti-Bullying Law - Minnesota passes and its governor signs a very strict anti-bullying bill after "some folks" tried to filibuster it. 

Utah Distances Itself From Mark Regnerus’ Anti-Gay Study It Previously Cited - I am so not gloating here but "he he he he!" 

 Mike Huckabee Denies History Of Anti-LGBT Vitriol - Mike Huckabee likes to swear up and down that he is not homophobic when it comes to his anti-gay statements. He claims he is simply "defending his faith." Mike Huckabee is that rare breed of person who will lie in your face with the hope that you have a short memory. We don't and neither does Equality Matters.

SC legislator Garry Smith - gays were plotting to 'recruit' children until he stopped them

SC Rep. Garry Smith
If this blog had a "tacky shit-o-meter," the following item would be number one this week. One of the South Carolina legislators attacking state colleges for assigning books with gay-themes actually sent out a fundraising letter with claim so nauseating that Anita Bryant would tell him to tone it down.

I hope you haven't eaten before reading this snippet from Rep. Garry Smith:

Dear Friend,

Radical leftists constantly try to assert that political conservatives, cultural traditionalists, people of faith — basically anyone who doesn't agree with their agenda — are "intolerant." But let's step back and take a good look at who's being intolerant.

I'm Rep. Garry Smith, and I've recently taken a bold stand that has put me squarely in the crosshairs of some of the most intolerant people in American today — the far-left militant homosexual community...

There is a concerted effort to push anti-American, anti-Christian, and non-traditional values onto our children at their most intellectually vulnerable stages — as they're learning in our public schools and universities. I've been watching this phenomenon unfold for years and, finally, a recent event pushed me to the breaking point.

When the College of Charleston and the University of South Carolina-Upstate required that college students read blatantly pro-homosexual and pornographic propaganda without any alternative or counter-balancing view being offered, I said, "Enough is enough!"

As legislators, we have limited power to stop this nation's cultural slide, but one thing we do control are the purse strings of our public schools. That includes our K-12 schools and our public colleges and universities. I will not stand idly by and allow our tax dollars to be used to fund radical leftists' and militant homosexuals' propaganda machine.

I led the charge in the South Carolina legislature to strip funding from the public institutions of learning that are pushing this garbage on our students — and that's what it is, GARBAGE!

You can imagine the reaction that is now sweeping our part of this great nation. For taking a stand and saying, "You're not spending my tax dollars and those of my constituents to push this garbage on our children," and now, I'm being threatened and called every name in the book.

It's the usual bullying routine you see whenever someone who holds to traditional values takes a stand against the radical left. The true hatred, bigotry, and intolerance that exists in this country comes out and the individual carrying the flag for traditional values is targeted with vicious verbal attacks, smears, threats, and intimidation.

You can read the rest at Charleston City Paper. By the way, Smith is so full of crap that you can smell him with both nostrils closed. He is running unopposed.

Now ain't THAT scary?