Thursday, January 21, 2016

'Why anti-lgbt propaganda must be stomped down' & other Thur afternoon news briefs

This bozo, conservative commentator Larry Tomczak, is a perfect reason why we must never stop combatting anti-lgbt propaganda. Many of us know that the Paul Cameronesque junk he spouts is false. But I've been hearing it for 20 years and unfortunately there is always someone willing to believe it.

Tennessee House Panel Rejects Natural Marriage Defense Act - Sanity reigns in Tennessee . . . at least for now.

 Senator seeks protections for same-sex marriage objectors - A bill in Georgia easily worse than the monstrosity which "ate" Indiana.

 Poll: Damage from RFRA lingers, but severity unclear - Speaking of which, Indiana is still trying to recover.  

Employer To Pay Transgender Woman $115,000 In Job Discrimination Settlement - Sweet! Give it up! Turn it loose!

Lgbts, Democrats - don't screw up the 2016 election

Editor's note - Today's news briefs will be delayed until this afternoon

I've been mostly staying out of this Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sander primary fight because I know how nasty these things can get. I am ready to vote for whoever comes out on top.

But for all of you "purists" (particularly in the lgbt community) who will either vote for your candidate or no one at all, let me just say don't cut off your nose to spite your own face. There is a choice here and it goes way beyond the primary.

And if you don't make a choice, one will be made for you. And the alternative is a serious bitch. Just a few videos to remind you of this fact: