Monday, January 28, 2019

Anti-LGBTQ hate groups wants you to pray for Karen Pence (and ignore the bigoted message she sends to same-families & children)

Tony Perkins (first picture) and FRC wants America to pray for Karen Pence (second picture) while ignoring the negative message she is sending to LGBTQ children and same-sex families 

It's not surprising that the Family Research Council stands with 2nd Lady  Karen Pence's decision to associate herself with a school which bans LGBTQ children and employees. And it's also not surprising how the organization attempts to falsely frame the situation as one with regards to Pence's "religious beliefs" instead of her duty as 2nd Lady to send a message of inclusiveness to the nation.

Nor is this third thing surprising. In its message for people to pray for Pence, FRC  doesn't even mention why the controversy is huge or the same-sex families and children who are sent a negative message by Mrs. Pence's actions:

Over the last couple of weeks the Vice President and Second Lady have endured more than their share of insults and harassment after Karen announced she was going back to teach part-time at Immanuel Christian School. While most people probably wouldn't object to the teaching, they certainly objected to the "Christian" part. 
When the liberal media threw rocks, tens of thousands of you joined us in sending our prayers to the Pences instead. More than 34,000 of you pledged to pray for the Second Family and stand with them as they live by their faith. At a Wednesday meeting at the White House with the president on the immigration crisis, I had an opportunity to deliver our prayer pledges personally to the vice president. I know he was encouraged by your support. More importantly, I know he has no intentions of backing down from the fight until every American has the ability to live and work by their faith
Continue praying for him and for Karen, as well as President Trump and Melania as they work to bring a revival of freedom to this country!

Freedom for who? Apparently, not the LGBTQ community, our families, nor our children.

No matter how FRC and the Pences attempt to sugarcoat it, this controversy is about two people elected and paid to represent us sending the message that we don't rate in their world. And using their religion to hide their prejudice. The LGBTQ community isn't going to forget it and we aren't going to let anyone else forget it either. How about we pray for or at least remember the LGBTQ children and families harmed by the Pences' message.

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