Monday, November 09, 2020

Michelle Bachmann wants God to use 'iron rod' to smash the 'delusion' of the presidential election

Michele Bachmann

While some conservative evangelicals such as Franklin Graham and Tony Perkins are playing coy with the news of Trump's defeat, others are reacting badly. And by badly, I mean hilariously. Far be it from me to make fun of the disappointment of others, but these folks exploited their faith for worldly power and now it's blowing up in their faces.

Sympathy should not be on the menu for them. 

But if you ask me, the one who wins the booby prize has to be former Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann. Bachmann, who has been known for basic homophobia, took it upon herself to appeal to God to use his "iron rod" in order to smash the outcome of the recent presidential election . . . in a figurative sense of course.

I'm trying to keep from making corny jokes. Really I am. But it's hard. Harder than the rod Bachmann wants God to use (whoops! there I go!)

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