Friday, April 01, 2011

Know Your LGBT History - The Gay Deceivers

Back in 1969 when gays and lesbians couldn't serve openly in the military, Hollywood came out with a comedy about that very subject.

The Gay Deceivers is a very droll movie about two men who pretend to be gay in order to avoid the draft. Subsequently, they are watched by the military and have to keep up the charade. They move into a gay apartment building where they try to blend in with the neighbors.

The Gay Deceivers is remembered for two reasons. One is the portrayal of gay actor Michael Greer. Supposedly he worked with the screenwriters to tone his character down and make him more positive. As the clips show, I don't think it worked.

The second reason is the twist ending. Apparently when the two men are caught in their lie, the Army investigators let them go free because they themselves are gay and don't want any heterosexuals in the military:

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Porno Pete LaBarbera's Hate Academy begins today

Today is the first day of Peter LaBarbera's so-called two-day "Truth Academy," in which he and other religious right "experts" seek to brainwash the next generation on the finer points of homophobia.

Apparently it's taking place at Columbus, OH. Discover Christian Church, 2900 Martin Rd., Dublin, OH 43017; near intersection of Sawmill Rd. and Rt. 161 and the theme is “The Hate Labeling of Christians: Why It’s Happening and What We Can Do.”

Point of fact - Christians are not being labeled as "haters." Only LaBarbera and those who partake in his homophobic shenanigans. To put it plainly, all of the speakers invited to LaBarbera's "truth academy" richly deserve the label of being a "homophobe."

A good friend of mine, Matt Algren, broke it down rather nicely:

  • Robert Gagnon reduces being gay to “you’re doing sex wrong.”
  • Rena Lindevaldsen says that the United States government shouldn’t have the power to decide whether people have sex unless those people are gay, in which case the government must imprison them.
  • Greg Quinlan is just glad he isn’t “a flaming faggot” (his term) and says that people have the right not to have gay sex…but they don’t have the right to have gay sex. Because gay people have AIDS.
  • Linda Harvey says that LGBT teachers will molest children, and that gays in the military want to bring the nation down. Also, she says HIV/AIDS and other diseases are part and parcel of gay sex.
  • Matt Barber agrees with them that gays are sexual predators, but he says we want to molest soldiers. He also calls gays “fascists,” not unlike friend Scott Lively does when he claims that gays are responsible for genocide in Nazi Germany and Rwanda.
  • David Kupelian wraps it all up by declaring (falsely) that Christians in America are being persecuted and thrown in jail for not liking gay people very much.

    These are not Christian people. These are liars motivated by vicious homophobia and anti-gay animus so pathological that they probably should seek psychiatric care.

    There will be a group protesting this madness and I hope they raise sufficient hell.

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