Thursday, March 09, 2017

Anti-lgbt Fox News personality claims God's influence in election of Trump

It's no secret that the anti-lgbt right simply adore Donald Trump. They view him as the person who can make all of their craven ideas of turning America into their version of a so-called Christian paradise come true. The way they defend him and his excesses are both pitiful and amusing.

Take this video of  anti-lgbt Fox News personality Todd Starnes. Starnes, who latches on to Christianity with the urgency of a "physically inadequate" man clutching a huge firearm, is not exactly a good  messenger for Christ due to his history of lying and creating phony anecdotes of persecution. Still, the following comments he made about Trump goes beyond the pale of lunacy:


“For the past eight years,” he said, “we’ve been told that we are the problem, that we are not a Christian nation, that we are not an exceptional nation. Our traditions and our values have been ridiculed and marginalized. We were mocked by Hollywood and dismissed by the academics, marginalized by the mainstream media. But all that changed on election day when a man who promised to defend religious liberty, a man who promised to make America great again became our president.” “I believe that God saw fit to give our nation a second chance. My fellow countrymen, we are surrounded, the cultural bullets are flying, the enemies of freedom are advancing and the time has come for all of us to stand resolute. You say, ‘Todd, I’m not a fighter.’ Well, there ain’t no such thing today, sonny, because we are freedom’s last line of defense! … It’s time for every gun-toting, Bible-clinging deplorable American to take a thunderous stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  

Starnes' habit of lying and creating false narratives serves him well here. To throw a little truth in the matter, Todd Starnes is saying that God  moved the stewardship of the country from an intelligent man who worked hard for every American and attempted to create prosperity and a road to affordable healthcare to an egotistical braggart whose mental capacity is that of a crushed chia pet and whose Administration has seen nothing but chaos, strife, and confusion since its beginning and who also attempts to assuage Americans with empty promises while those working with him are attempting to destroy everything including decent healthcare, good education, and safeguards created to fight corruption and pollution.

And God did all that to allow so-called Christians to save America. Save us from what? Peace? Prosperity? Good health?

Starnes is out of touch with reality, but unfortunately he is exactly in tune with the anti-lgbt right. People like Starnes and groups who align with him (i.e. the Alliance for Defending Freedom, the Family Research Council, the American Family Association) have an inaccurate and hypocritically wrong view of America and Christianity. And nothing Donald Trump allows them to push can hide that. I would suggest that Starnes and company be aware of the statement that "God don't like ugly."

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch

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