Monday, August 24, 2020

Bonkers preacher (who once said gays stick cellphones up our butts) claims Kamala Harris is trying to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah

Editor's note - When you're done reading this post, check out the post below it - Donald Trump is trying to blame Joe Biden for the divided America which 'Trumpism' created. Both of them prove that we have some screwed up people we need to fight (instead of each other and those wanting to represent our interests.)

 Patrick Wooden Declares That Kamala Harris Is ‘Trying to Turn America Into Sodom and Gomorrah - Well that nails it down. I'm REALLY supporting Senator Harris now. A little information about Patrick Wooden:

 Wooden is a preposterously vehement anti-gay activist who has claimed that gay men regularly shove objects such as cellphones, baseball bats, and animals up their anuses and has insisted that by the time gay men reach middle age, they “have to wear a diaper or a butt plug just to be able to contain their bowels” because of “what happens to the male anus.”

 Oh yeah. He naaasty! And a liar.

Donald Trump is trying to blame Joe Biden for the divided America which 'Trumpism' created

 Because he has absolutely no way to justify a second term, Trump is attempting to scare voters. He claims that Democratic nominee Joe Biden will create a violent and divided America. However, the images in this Don Winslow Films video show that Trump has already done just that during the four years we have been cursed to have him in the White House. It's not an easy video to watch but it is necessary for us to remember what we are fighting against. Especially during the Republican National Convention.

'State Dept fighting to deny US citizenship to gay couple's child' & other Mon midday news briefs

State Dept. fighting to deny US citizenship to gay couple's child - The Trump Administration lost but its appealing just to be ugly.

Los Angeles police slam 'callous' witnesses who filmed attack on 3 transgender women - Everything about this situation pisses me off. Let's NOT forget the bastards who stood by and did nothing or laughed when this was going on. 

Chasten Buttigieg gets blunt with Fox News during live interview - Oop! 

Mom asks LGBTQ people to send cards to trans teen left paralyzed after being brutally beaten - Address enclosed. Please do this if you can.