Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Religious right group wants a million people to pray for Sen. Jim DeMint

I received this interesting email from the Family Research Council today:

Recently Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a well-rounded conservative stalwart in the U.S. Senate, has come under attack from both left wing groups and establishment Republicans because he has refused to waver in his defense of the family. When liberals gang up on a principled leader, doing what is right can seem like a lonely effort. That's why we're gathering together one million Americans to pray on a regular basis for Sen. DeMint.

The senator has expressed his appreciation for those who would pray for him, and has agreed to keep those who pledge to pray updated with specific prayer requests as he works with the new Congress on issues critical to faith, family, and freedom.

Sen. DeMint need not feel alone in his convictions -- will you stand with me and Americans across the nation as we pray for Sen. Jim DeMint?

Click here to pledge to join us as we seek to unite one million Americans in praying for Senator Jim DeMint.

Don't you just love the generic way the Family Research Council tries to make DeMint seem like an innocent in danger of being tied to the railroad tracks by the dastardly forces of evil from the left and the right.

Of course it's not true. Jim DeMint is having problems because he is a homophobic, unprincipled charlatan who sacrificed his political party's chances for control of the Senate for a personal desire to have his own personal cadre of "conservatively pure" Senators.

Not that I mind that DeMint did this. It was a bright light of last week's mid-term elections as far as I am concerned.

But that first point about his homophobia isn't exactly one that I find to be a good point. DeMint has on more than one occasion unabashedly taken the role of an enemy of the lgbt community.

In December of last year, he said he  found the idea of a gay president "bothersome."

In June of  last year, he sent out an inaccurate letter to several pastors and religious leaders claiming that if lgbt-inclusive hate crimes protection were passed, they were in danger of going to jail for simply preaching that homosexuality is wrong.

In October of this year, he repeated his belief that unmarried women and lgbts should not be allowed to teach. It was the same statement he made in 2004 when he initially ran for his Senate seat.

Seems to me that the people who need one million prayers are the folks who voted DeMint into office and those whom his actions have harmed.

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President Obama had a gay nanny and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Video: In Oregon, Maggie wants to take 'bigots' meme off table; Everywhere else, the table is so crowded with her claims, we'd need two lifetimes to clear it - FINALLY someone else takes NOM's Maggie Gallagher to task for her phony "waaaaah they called me a bigot" card she is always pulling.

Obama's Indonesian gay nanny and other things from his past - Uh oh. Cue up right-wing smear machines on the right and pissed off lgbt activists on the left.

Lesbian couple's custody battle with gay man who fathered their children - Pay attention to this issue. If we don't address it, it will be a religious right roadblock.

Carl Steward: Documentary reveals Glenn Burke's struggles - The first openly gay Major League Baseball player (and he was an African-American too). It's about time his story was told.

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Uh oh - Peter LaBarbera is posting dirty pictures again

Your "friend and mine," Peter LaBarbera has returned to the tactic that has made him a controversial laughing stock in pro and anti-lgbt circles.

He is back to posting risque pictures of Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. Now while I won't repost the picture, I will post his explanation:

The cities with large homosexual populations, and which advertise themselves as “gay’ meccas, are the most perverse in the world. San Francisco is an example. Deviance begets deviance, pushing “tolerance” to preposterous extremes. Only the committed, and corrupted, social liberal sees this as acceptable. A couple of years ago when I and others went to observe Folsom and protest the public depravities, we were struck by how straight liberals came to accept these hideous “fairs” in the name of tolerance. One reporter, who told me she had been raised in a Christian home, acted as if we outsiders who were condemning the public lewdness were more suspect than the debauched behavior itself. (I doubt her mother would agree.) God does indeed give people over to a reprobate, depraved mind – and it is only through the inestimable grace of God that some men and women once lost in the twisted world of Gays Gone Wild (and its advocacy) leave it and return to sanity. — Peter LaBarbera,

The photo below was taken by an Americans For Truth reporter who attended the annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco on Sunday, September 25, 2010. It confirms that public sex continues at the devent sex “fair” despite past pledges by fair organizers and the city to stop public nudity and open sex in the streets (following exposes by AFTAH and others in previous years). Children were photographed attending this event.

In the (redacted) center of the photo, a naked man is standing on the ground performing oral sex on another naked man, who is standing on the stage of a booth sponsored by ‘Steamworks,’ a local bathhouse (anonymous homosexual sex club). Behind him (at left), another barely-clad man grabs the genitals of a fellow “fair”-goer at Folsom

I can forgive LaBarbera for the inaccurate claim about what happens in cities with "large homosexual populations" and I won't be petty as to criticize the fact that he can't spell "deviant" (goodness knows he has used it a lot to describe the lgbt community) because I am "thrilled" that the "Porno Pete" side of his personality has returned.

For those who are not in the know, LaBarbera is famous (or infamous) for attending subcultural events like Folsom Street Fair, taking pictures of gay men in questionable activity (while making sure to ignore the heterosexuals engaging in the same activity) and posting them on his Americans for Truth webpage along with descriptions about what exactly the men were doing in the picture and at times, relating how long it took them to do said activity.

And even when the pictures show no risque activity at all, we can always count on Porno Pete to manipulate them to imply that they do, like he did in May during a tirade against Progressive Insurance for their pro-lgbt support.

He would like to think that what he does is an attack on Democrat Nancy Pelosi and the lgbt community at large. But his activity has been the subject of much criticism in religious right circles and derision in lgbt circles.

And it's beginning to remind me of some cheesy, but enjoyable television movie I recently saw. A prim and proper woman is possessed by an alternate personality which would force her to dress in black, seek out men, and kill them.

Oh come on. Can't you just see it? LaBarbera spends the entire year pretending to be an upstanding "pro-family" activist but every time Folsom Street Fair rolls around, the voices in his head start to talk to him. He tries hard to ignore them, but they become louder and louder until they overcome his will.

Under their spell, he enters a secret chamber in his house (paid for no doubt by his years of dubious "anti-gay activism) where in a closet is a complete leather outfit equipped with a secret camera and a pair of butt-less chaps.

He puts on the outfit and stares at himself in the full length mirror that sits in the middle of his secret chamber.

Peter LaBarbera, the proud "pro-family" activist is gone and in his place is Porno Pete, the radical, extreme anti-gay activist who takes no prisoners, but lots of pictures.

Someone cue the ominous soundtrack.

Hat tip to Truth Wins Out

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