Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Five phases of LGBTQ influence in music videos

Editor's note - after today at the Supreme Court, I am exhausted and I guess that you are, too. Therefore I created this post out of basic silliness. No matter what happened at SCOTUS today, it puts us a step closer to where we need to be. Our equality is not impossible. It's inevitable.

When it comes to the LGBTQ community and music videos, I've noticed at least fives phases of influence throughout the years. I know there are more, but tell me what you think.

We are used as comedy fall guys (at 3:20)

Blamed for ruining careers for overdoing it (like this video did to rock star Billy Squier.)

Helped singers like the late George Michael remain in the closet.

Of course there's when our lives are used (or exploited) to portray "naughtiness" or "daring."

And lastly, showing strength and power in the face of loneliness and isolation (I rather like that one)

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