Thursday, November 05, 2015

'Seth Myers wrecks the 'bathroom predator' myth' & other Thur midday news briefs

Seth Meyers Explains How Misinformation And Lies Defeated Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance - Seth Myers does a wonderful job refuting the lies. However, it is a seriously sad commentary on the American news media when a late night comedian does their job better than they can. 

Family Research Council: Obama 'Home Invasion' Will Put Your Children 'Into The Funnel Of the Sexual Revolution' - The Family Research Council seems to think that its attack on transgender children can be pivoted to an attack on Obama for coming out against the fraudulent practice of "ex-gay" therapy.  

A "Religious Freedom" Legal Powerhouse Is Leading The National Fight Against Transgender Student Rights - Speaking of attacks on transgender children, they are only going to increase. But we can fight against it and win. 

The U.S. Just Quietly Welcomed More LGBT Refugees - See. All is not negative in our world.

 Tokyo Issues Japan’s First Same-Sex Marriage Certificate - Wonderful!