Friday, April 18, 2014

Know Your LGBT History - Gilbert Baker and the Rainbow Flag

A lot of folks - myself included - don't know the history of the rainbow flag.  In the following video, its creator, Gilbert Baker, gives the lowdown and history on this widely known part of lgbt culture:

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'Mayor refuses to discuss firing of Latta police chief during meeting' and other Friday midday news briefs

Crystal Moore
The story of the unfair firing of Latta, SC chief of police Crystal Moore has literally exploded worldwide since I wrote about it earlier this week. It looks like there is a lot of interesting stuff afoot. The following are just two of the articles:

Latta council fights for chief’s job - This article is interesting. At yesterday's Latta town council meeting (which was packed with Moore's supporters),  Mayor Earl Bullard refused to discuss why he fired Moore. It was sad. One man vs. a room full of residents - including town council members - demanding answers that he didn't want to give. How ironic seeing that earlier, he had a lot to say about how he prefers alcoholics to take care of children rather than lgbts. 

Lesbian police chief with 20 years service is summarily fired by new anti-gay mayor who said 'he'd rather have an alcoholic near his child' - THIS article from the UK alleges that Moore was fired as payback for discovering that Bullard has been inefficient in aspects of his job. To say that this controversy isn't over is an extreme understatement. 

In other news:  

Mike Huckabee Says Obama May Be Lying About His Support For Gay Marriage - Mike Huckabee would know about lying, wouldn't he?  

BREAKING: Judge Rules UCF Does Not Have to Provide Regnerus Docs - Well this ruling stinks and it needs to be appealed.  

Matt Barber's Campaign In Hypocrisy: There Should Be 'No Debate' On Homosexuality And Faith - More proof that religious right hypocrisy knows NO bounds. Forget the gripings about "religious liberty," because Matt Barber has taken it upon himself to attack a Christian publisher for daring to publish a positive book about Christianity and homosexuality. He claims to be worried about the "salvation" of all of those involved. Who in the heck appointed him to worry about such things?