Thursday, September 07, 2023

Video - How Fox News helped Donald Trump bungle the COVID pandemic response (and kill scores of Americans)

On Monday, I posted a video explaining how Donald Trump bungled COVID pandemic response and thus caused scores of Americans to lose their lives. Now I want to talk about those who aided him.

Trump is a moron who shouldn't be in charge of cleaning an outhouse, much less running our country. He was at best an immature child put in a position which he didn't have the acumen or maturity to hold. Sort of like a baby being put behind the wheel of a running car.

But his incompetence was helped by those should have known better. The folks at Fox News played cheerleader for Trump as he stumbled his way through the pandemic. When he tripped, they pretended not to notice. When he said something utterly stupid, they made it sound like he was a genius or let him prattle on without any correction. And when he did utterly stupid things, they reframed it. 

Worse yet, as one video below illustrates, Fox News pundits politicized the pandemic and sent out contradicting messages because they seemed to be more interested in helping Trump than helping the country.

What's worse than jackass whose incompetence caused death and injury to scores of people he swore to protect?  A cadre of folks helping him along even though they probably knew people were dying and would continue to die because of it.


 The video below shows how the network itself helped Trump spread COVID misinformation.

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