Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Family Research Council throws tantrum over losing messaging war of anti-lgbt laws

The Family Research Council creates cute graphics but its lies fool no one.

In spite of all of the media attention telling the actual story regarding North Carolina's new anti-gay law, the Family Research Council continues to push the lie that  the law is merely about the public safety of women and girls.

In truth, the law also prevents NC cities and towns from passing ordinances which would protect the lgbt community from discrimination in such things as housing and employment. But the Family Research Council will not stop with its deliberately inaccurate messaging. And to make matters worse (or better if you enjoy reading FRC's meltdown because it is losing the messaging war over anti-lgbt laws), the organization is now lashing out at Georgia, Louisiana, San Francisco, and New York.

The group even attacks it own ally, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana:

North Carolina's policy may be settled -- but the dust certainly hasn't. After having their way with political squishes like Georgia's Governor Nathan Deal (R), liberals are beside themselves with Governor Pat McCrory's decision to listen to the voters of his state and repeal Charlotte's hugely unpopular bathroom bill. Big Business is hyperventilating, out-of-state leaders are boycotting, and the ACLU is suing. But does North Carolina regret its decision? Not one bit. Unlike Georgia, McCrory knows the best way to silence a bully is ignore it.

While Georgia tried to appease the unappeasable, North Carolina set aside the hysteria and did what was in the best interest of the people and children of the state. Seven or eight years ago, most Americans would have been appalled at the idea of letting grown men into girls' restrooms. Now, after two terms of this radical president, liberals are banning travel to a state because they won't allow it. Honestly, it's almost baffling that this is where we are as a nation. The governor of New York and mayor of San Francisco are so adamant about allowing men to shower with our daughters that they're forbidding "non-essential travel" to the state of North Carolina to promote it!

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