Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Joe Biden beating Donald Trump was the greatest moment of 2020 for LGBTQ people

Editor's note - Hands down, the greatest moment of 2020 was the victory of President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice Presidential-Elect Kamala Harris. Enjoy the video clips. Then, if you are so inclined, read my post about 2020. What I wrote came out due to frustration of four years of idiocy, especially 2020 in general. Barring a juicy religious right scandal, this will probably be the last piece I post for 2020. Have a Happy New Year. Be careful, be safe, and wear your dang mask! 

As always, thank you all for the support you've given this blog over the years.


As 2020 winds down to a close (thank God), I feel like I'm in the aftermath of one of those fights I used watch during high school. In those fights, punching is the least effective measure you can do. Those fights were wild. I'm talking head-slinging, hair-pulling, ripping, tearing, body-tossing, body-slamming frenzies of madness which generally involved everyone in the vicinity. Who cares if they weren't directly involved in the outbreak of chaos. Everyone was busy ducking bodies and avoiding whatever projectiles  flung through the air. 

In that same manner, 2020 has been a riotous, chaotic year  The important thing though is that we got through it or, in this case, almost through it.  We lost a lot of good friends, felt much too much pain and fear regarding the future, and got angry on an unhealthy level more times than we would like to admit.

But we had many surprising and hard-fought victories. One was in June when the Supreme Court said that we are protected from workplace discrimination by federal law. That was a victory which I was not expecting and even now, months later, continues to blow my mind. 

 And it came no thanks to Donald Trump. He promised to be our ally when running for president, but then used his Administration to undermine our safety and rights in so many avenues. He had nothing to do with any of our victories, especially the one in June.

This victory would have been greatest moment of 2020 if it were not for a certain election in which LGBTQ people joined a larger community of African-Americans, other people of color, white people Democrats, Republicans, Never-Trumpers, older Americans, progressives, conservatives, and all-around fed-up folks to topple Trump's undeserved presidency and place President-Elect Joe Biden  and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris in the White House.

There is so much I have to say about Donald Trump and to his supporters, particularly those who believe his bogus crap about how the election was "stolen" from him. 

The election wasn't stolen. It was relinquished.

'Six victories for the LGBTQ community in 2020' & other Wed midday news briefs


Here are just six victories for the LGBTQ community that came in 2020 - Every victory was unapologetically hard-fought. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters' top post of 2020 - A 'Proud Boy' and a small black sex toy

Top 'western chauvinist' Gavin McInnes seems to have a thing for small black dildos.

In the future, when I am asked to describe how bad of a year 2020 was, I won't go into much detail. I will simply point to what is now the top post of the year on this blog. It had nothing to do with revelations that the religious right continues to lie about LGBTQ people nor does it have anything to do with any of the exploits of soon-to-be former President of the United States (hallelujaaaaah!)  Donald Trump.

But my top post of the year has to do with the man in the picture at the top of this post. His name is Gavin McInnes and he is a known racist and homophobe. He is/or was the leader of an ugly right-wing group known as the Proud Boys. The Proud Boys are known for two things -manically insane support of Donald Trump and the violent street fights they tend to start.

It's a group of sad, assorted nuts who drape themselves with a with a fake pedigree (being founders of Western Civilization or something like that) to cover up their shortcomings. 

McInnes himself claims that he isn't homophobic, even though there is footage of him being a completely crass bigot. BUT to prove how homophobic he wasn't (and here is where my blog came in), McInnes shoved a small dildo up his butt while being televised on his radio show. He did it to supposedly "own" liberals.

'12 hot mess stories which signified 2020 - as told by LGBTQnation' & other Tue midday news briefs

Our top 12 outlandish stories that will only make sense if you made it through 2020 - Twelve insane incidents which typified just how screwed up 2020 was. To the prayer by Trump's spiritual advisor Paula White (seen in above video) that he win the election to that fly in Mike Pence's hair during the vice presidential debate, it's been one of those "drinking years."

The humiliation of Mike Pence is 'reaching a crescendo': Trump biographer - And I can't think of a more deserving guy.  Okay. Maybe one.

'Drag Explosion': The 'fabulousness and defiance' of '90s drag - The drag community catch a lot of flack, but it is easily the most disciplined, dedicated, friendliest, and popular part of our community.

Monday, December 28, 2020

The 10 Best Quotes from Gay Movies


Just a quick line from 10 movies and a nice way to ease us all into this week.  Personally, I'm partial to line number four. Which ones do you recognize? Which ones do you prefer? Which quotes do you think were unfairly omitted?

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

My aborted project - Examining how the religious right exploits the 'gays recruit children' lie

 In 2016, I was beginning a new project about the anti-LGBTQ industry. But I, as well as the world in general, got sidetracked by a four-year odyssey into the deepest bowels of hell. so to speak, otherwise known as the Donald Trump presidency.  Like the figurative version of the Greek mythological monster Charybdis (look it up) which he is, Trump and his "madcap hijinks" as president sucked up the energy and attention away everybody and everything. That included my project. And now four years later with that orange dragon slain, dissected, and pounded to fine powder, maybe I can start the project anew.

Or at the very least, talk about it.

As so many of you who keep up with this blog know, I track and refute anti-LGBTQ lies which are spread to dehumanize our community and rob us of our rights and safety. For this particular project, I wanted to focus on one particular, especially nauseating lie. The one which claims that we are "recruiting" children.

Implying that LGBTQ people are "after" children is probably one of the most successful tactic of the anti-LGBTQ right. From fights against marriage equality and anti-discrimination ordinances to passing anti-transgender pieces of law, claiming gays want  "access" to children seems to always be in their bags of tricks. 

 When they pull the "gays want children" card, often times,  the religious right will use words like "indoctrination" or "marketing." They tend to skirt around what they mean, but those who believe what they say, the meaning is clear as expressed in these clips:

And that, my friends, is their general premise and argument. Any law positive to LGBTQ people, any television show showing us in a good light, any ordinance which guarantees our rights and safety, anything in general which benefits us or allows us spotlight is actually a part of a huge plot to get children. And often times, it's that lie which puts the religious right in the winner's circle. Unfortunately the belief that "gays recruit children" isn't as archaic as you would think. The above comic is presently available on a "religious webpage" along with other comics claiming the same thing about us and children. 

Laughing a belief of a monster hiding under the bed is always fun until you realize how people exploit that belief to harm others. Especially when the "others" in question include you.

I haven't decided whether or not I will take up this project again.  I will let everyone know once I do decide.

'How LGBTQ people can handle difficult conversations during the holidays' & other Tue midday news briefs


How LGBTQ people can handle difficult conversations during the holidays - Cause there is always at least that one relative with no damn sense. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

Pat Robertson 'dumps' The Donald. No longer a member of 'Team Trump'

Pat Robertson (right) threw some "Christian shade" at Donald Trump (left) on Monday.

The Deep State has claimed Pat Robertson! 

Not really, but the "dean of the religious right" and Christian Broadcasting Network founder has practically knocked everyone on their butts with his statement about Donald Trump and the recent presidential election which he lost:

From Mediaite

 . . . on Monday, in a segment first flagged by Right Wing Watch, after The 700 Club aired a report about Trump considering a 2024 run, Robertson actually said, “With all his talent and the ability to raise money and grow large crowds, the president still lives in an alternate reality. He really does. People say, ‘Well, he lies about this, that, and the other.’ No, he isn’t lying. To him, that’s the truth.”

 Robertson added Trump shouldn’t run in 2024, saying such a move would be a “mistake” and a “sideshow.” Robertson commended Trump on the economy, but made a point of highlighting false claims Trump made over the years and said, “He is very erratic and he’s fired people and he’s fought people and he’s insulted people… It’s a mixed bag.” 

 Earlier on in the program, Robertson acknowledged Biden’s victory, and he later went on add it’s time to say to Trump “you’ve had your day and it’s time to move on.”

 I guess that should be considered as "conservative white man shade." But keep in mind as you laugh and gape  (and you know I gotta pull out "the receipts") that in October, Robertson said that God told him that Trump was going to win. 

And in November, he prayed to God that He would stop Satan from making people believe that Biden had won the election.

Then earlier this month, he prayed for a so-called miracle which would swing the election to Trump. 

And finally, when Texas took that ridiculous lawsuit to the Supreme Court, Robertson claimed that it was a miracle of God's doing.

Far be it from me to me to guess God's will, but if I were other members of the religious right - Paula White, Alveda King, Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, etc etc - I would take it upon myself to remember that song from The Color Purple:

God's Trying To Tell You Something.

'Anti-LGBTQ activist angry that her organization is rightfully labeled a 'hate group'' & other Mon midday news briefs

Jennifer Roback Morse

Longtime marriage equality opponent is outraged that her organization is a hate group - Jennifer Roback Morse and her group, The Ruth Institute, will simply have to get over it. Notice Morse is starting a "petition" instead of a lawsuit. 

12 LGBTQ+ Seniors Share the Joy of Being Out - LGBTQ seniors don't get the kudos they deserve from the rest of the community. 

Elliot Page Thanks Supporters In First Post Since Coming Out As Transgender - And we all wish Elliot a lot of success in his journey to be his authentic self.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

What you should know about Ma Rainey before watching 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom'

Right now, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom is the movie to watch with folks predicting Oscar nods for Viola Davis as legendary blues singer Ma Rainey and Chadwick Boseman in his final role as a member of her band in conflict with her and the reality of his life as opposed to his dreams and aspirations. 

It's a brutal and haunting movie, slightly altered from the original stage play by August Wilson. There's so much to pull out of this movie from racial inequalities, the rights of artists versus greedy record producers and even a bit about being an LGBTQ in America. Ma Rainey was openly bisexual and neither the play nor movie shied away from that fact.

But the video above tells you all you need to know. Watch it before seeing the movie.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

From 'd@mn lesbian' to 'welcome Pete' - Roberta Achtenberg took on the beast and paved the road for Pete Buttigieg

Roberta Achtenberg (top pic) bested the most homophobic US Senator of his time, Jesse Helms (bottom pic), thereby paving the road for Pete Buttigieg's historical cabinet nomination

The minute President-Elect Joe Biden announced that he will nominate Pete Buttigieg as Secretary of Transportation, my mind went back to 1993. 

At the time, President Bill Clinton had nominated Roberta Achtenberg to be the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. She was approved, becoming the the first openly lesbian or gay public official in the United States whose appointment to a federal position was confirmed by the United States Senate. But that's not to say the debate over her nomination wasn't controversial and contentious, thanks mostly to the late North Carolina senator, Jesse Helms.

Helms is legendary in the annals of Congress and the state of North Carolina. Granted, some folks may disagree with my next statement, but allow me to break down who and what Jesse Helms was. 

Jesse Helms was a racist son of bitch, a total bastard, and an all-around living embodiment of foul-smelling cyst who exploited religion to justify the most hateful comments which spewed out of his mouth like sewage encrusted water.

And (surprise, surprise) he especially despised the LGBTQ community.  In the case of Achtenberg, he went above and beyond the call of duty to smear her on the Senate floor. Why? Because she was - and still is - a lesbian. But not just any lesbian. 

To Helms, she was a "damn lesbian."  

According to the May 7, 1993 edition of The Washington Post

Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) said he will oppose the nomination of San Francisco gay rights activist Roberta Achtenberg to be assistant secretary for fair housing at the Department of Housing and Urban Development "because she's a damn lesbian. I'm not going to put a lesbian in a position like that. If you want to call me a bigot, fine," Helms told the Washington Times. When queried yesterday by The Washington Post, Helms said, "I'm not going to dispute it {the Times account}, but I was interviewed . . . on the run. It's not just that she's a lesbian, she's a militant activist lesbian whose entire career has been devoted to advancing their political agenda. . . . She introduced her lover . . . at the beginning of the hearing." The nomination of Achtenberg, a San Francisco city supervisor, was approved Wednesday by the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee 14 to 4. Senate conservatives are threatening to fight further to block the nomination, but the White House remains confident Achtenberg will be confirmed.


The transcript from the debate regarding Achtenberg is a nightmare to read even now, with Helms leading the charge of GOP senators against her, while Democratic senators cried foul at the shots against her sexual orientation:

″We are crossing the threshold into the first time in the history of America that a homosexual, a lesbian, has been nominated by a president of the United States for a top job in the U.S. government. ... She has been a militant activist ... She is pushy, demeaning, demanding; she is a mean person, mean-spirited.″ Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C.

"She is not pushy and she is not demeaning and she is not demanding and she is not mean... and I am sure that the senator from North Carolina himself might be surprised at how many people think he is mean.″ Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. 

″Her record is one of intolerance, discrimination and vendetta against those who do not share her values and beliefs. ... She has used her public and private position to punish, extort, and wage economic war.″ Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss. 

″In the twisted value system of Roberta Achtenberg, the Boy Scout tradition is a menace to society that needs to be quashed, and the sex club tradition is one which is beneficial and deserving of our protection and encouragement. I couldn’t disagree with this more.″ Sen. Bob Smith, R-N.H. 

″This is not a vote on whether a senator accepts homosexuality, approves of it, accepts it as the equal of a heterosexual lifestyle. I do not. ... It is a vote on whether I find her to be qualified to fill this position, and I most assuredly do.″ Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn.

 ″My daughter, Julia, is president of the Rhode Island Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights ... I would not want to see her barred from a government job because of her orientation.″ Sen. Claiborne Pell, D-R.I. 

 ″I have heard words like strident, extremist, terrorist, activist, twisted mind ... What is the purpose of this? There is only one purpose: that is, to divide and polarize. Another purpose is only to destroy her before she begins her work by destroying her integrity and her credibility by this kind of slurring innuendo.″ Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. 

Like I said earlier, this story has a happy ending. Achtenberg was confirmed and served in several other capacities in the federal government, including being appointed by President Obama to the United States Commission on Civil Rights. Helms retired from the Senate and died in 2008. And while his reputation was somewhat glossed over in respect to his passing, the stench from his many years of ugliness was never forgotten and has bubbled to the surface, where it deserves to remain.

Whether or not Buttigieg is confirmed as Secretary of Transportation, it's good not to forget the road which was traveled to get him and us to a place where I doubt a senator in Congress would dare make such a public slur against him like Helms made against Achtenberg.

And let's especially not forget those who had to walk across that bumpy and rough road, thereby smoothing it out for the rest of us.

Those such as Ms.  Roberta Achtenberg. 

'The 15 Best LGBTQ+ TV Shows of 2020' & other Thur midday news briefs

The 15 Best LGBTQ+ TV Shows of 2020 - Cause I think a lot of us will be doing the television show marathon thing this Christmas.

'Jeopardy!' contestant makes history as 1st out transgender winner - Visibility matters. Positive visibility is worth its weight in gold.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Meet the angriest Donald Trump supporter of them all

Meet realTina40, probably the angriest Trump supporter of them all.

Forget Melissa Carone because she is past news compared to this very angry Trump supporter.  

She calls herself realTina40 and at first you may think she's pulling a huge performance art game. But she is real. Loud, profane, vulgar, dripping with anger and conspiracy theories about the recent presidential election, but very very real. She even has a site selling swag, which I will not link to. 

However, if you think you've seen all kinds of Trump supporters there are, I guarantee that you haven't until you hear Ms. Tina rant and rave. As you can tell should you watch the tweet below, her videos are generally filled with so much profanity that some can't be embedded and can only be watched on Youtube.

Girlfriend was obviously born in a "cussing household." Either way, I find her hilarious from a campy point of view.

'Four teachers suspended after homophobic comment about lesbian co-worker' & other Wed midday news briefs

4 Teachers Suspended For Homophobic Comments About Lesbian Coworker - Talked about the teacher AND her child. Y'all gotta go! It wasn't that much of a punishment but the politics of high school is always harsh.

Pennsylvania radio host calls trans health secretary a “freak show” in disgusting on-air tirade - Unfortunately, trash people like this still exist. That's something we shouldn't ever forget.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Conservatives are having a hard time coming to grips with 'life after Trump'

On Tuesday, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell congratulated President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris for winning the election. For many conservatives, McConnell's act brought home a hard fact that many still can't admit to themselves - Joe Biden fairly won the election and regardless of his court challenges and allegations of fraud, Trump will not have a second term. 

While some are slowly coming to grips with it, others seem to be stumbling in hazes, unable to admit Trump's election loss without lashing at who they think "betrayed him," or remaining defiant in hopes that a deus ex machina will swoop down and anoint Trump as president for four more years.

Via a few articles and random tweets, I've assembled responses from several prominent conservative leaders and activists as they deal with the soon-to-come reality of life after Trump.

First comes some venomous comments from the ultra right-wing site Parler as Trump supporters there attack Senator McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao.

And while McConnell may seem congratulatory to Biden and Harris, other GOP senators aren't so willing to be nice:

This next tweet would be funny if it weren't for the fact that Marjorie Taylor Greene is now a member of Congress, thanks to the same election which handed Biden the presidency.

Meanwhile, while some of Trump's religious conservatives have been praying for a fast miracle,

others have said "to hell with it all."

A few of his supporters are defiant by clinging things happening in which are obviously alternate universes.

While some, like Franklin Graham, are actually taking Trump's loss in stride by creating their own alternate universes in which Trump saved America by "restoring honor and morality" and then departed to a great mountain where he fell into a deep slumber and will awaken again should America need him again

Okay, I lied with the part about the mountain but that sounds way more truthful that the following nonsense Graham posted on his Facebook page.

'Tulsi Gabbard's anti-trans athlete bill opened the door for right-wing media lies' & other Tue midday news briefs

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard's anti-trans athlete bill gave right-wing media fodder to attack trans youth ahead of legislative sessions - Tulsi Gabbard is nothing but a headache.

 The hashtag that grew fastest on Twitter in LGBTQ community this year is “#transrightsarehumanrights” - And it's a welcomed hashtag because of mess like the above article.

The 20 best LGBTQ books to gift this holiday season - I adore cash, but books are always wonderful gifts, too. 

Milo Yiannopoulos: 'I Lost Everything Helping Put Trump in Office' - I am not cheering this. I only posted this to express the fact that this chyle is being so nauseatingly over dramatic.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Proud Boys literally show their asses during Saturday's pro-Trump rally


What do Proud Boys wear under their kilts? Do you really want to know?

As I have said in a post earlier this year, the Proud Boys is an SPLC- designated hate group with a history of violence. They allegedly call themselves proud "western chauvinists" who "refuses to apologize for creating the modern world." Several times during the Trump Administration (which is thankfully coming to an end), they have started several bloody street brawls, the most recent being during last Saturday's pro-Trump rally in DC.

Now someone playing armchair psychologist or comedian could make a comment about the oddity of  a bunch of men banding together supposedly in what can be described as an "uber-macho he-man woman hater club." And in making that comment, that same person could substitute the word "oddity" for "queerness." Of course in today's "woke society," that person would most likely be criticized for passive-aggressive homophobia, or passive-aggressive stereotyping, or whatever academic phrase is in vogue these days.

'Anti-LGBTQ nonprofits, businesses received millions in COVID-19 aid' & other Mon midday news briefs

Anti-gay nonprofits, businesses received millions in Covid-19 aid - That's LGBTQ tax dollars. They think we're sinners but they don't mind helping themselves to our tax dollars.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Fox News' Rachel Campos-Duffy amplifies lies about Trump losing the election

Fox News personality Rachel Campos-Duffy 

This absolutely insane rendition of Trump's tenure as president and his recent election loss  (seen below) by Fox News personality Rachel Campos-Duffy would be funny. That is if one forgets that lies like it have damaged the integrity of our elections, millions of Americans are encouraged to believe it, and that she probably won't face any punishment for it. If our media had an integrity, she wouldn't be able to get a job at a news stand.

At any rate, I hope that her lie will be the catalyst of a long debate on whether or not Donald Trump is the problem in our nation today. Or just a symptom of allowing bad actors, biased views, fake media personalities to plague the airwaves like fungus.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Bye bye bullsh!t lawsuit - Supreme Court tells Trump and friends to get lost

With a definitive 7-2 action on Friday night, the Supreme Court most likely put the final kibosh on Donald Trump's attempt to remain president even after he lost the election to Joe Biden.

From Raw Story

 “The Supreme Court on Friday rejected an audacious lawsuit by Texas that had asked the court to throw out the presidential election results in four battleground states captured by President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.,” The New York Times reported Friday. “The court, in a brief unsigned order, said Texas lacked standing to pursue the case, saying it ‘has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another state conducts its elections.'” 

 . . . “The move, coupled with a one-sentence order on Tuesday turning away a similar request from Pennsylvania Republicans, signaled that the court has refused to be drawn into President Trump’s losing campaign to overturn the results of the election last month,” the newspaper reported. Marc Elias, who is coordinating lawsuits for Democrats, noted this is the 57th time Trump and his supporters have lost in court.

The lawsuit, called a longshot  and embarrassing by many legal experts and pundits, was brought by Texas attorney general Ken Paxton. Seventeen other states, all of which were won by Trump in the election and over 120 Republican members of the House of Representatives signed on to it.

Trump and his allies called it "the big one" probably because they knew it was probably his last shot in a ridiculous attempt to somehow remain president for a second term even after losing the election.

And it failed spectacularly, leaving more egg on Trump's face in front of the nation and world in general. Barring probably a few more public tantrums and displays of stupidity by him and his supporters, Trump's reign of terror presidency will be officially over in January when Biden is sworn in.

'Elderly lesbian couple win justice after being rejected from retirement home' & other Fri midday news briefs


Elderly lesbian couple rejected by homophobic retirement home finally win justice after ‘harrowing’ legal fight - Good for them. They deserve the victory.

More LGBTQ candidates won elected office this year than ever before - Nice! Representation matters. I can't begin to tell you how happy this makes me. I came from a time where the huge majority of LGBTQ people were fearful of being open, much less running for public office. Slowly but surely, we are climbing that mountain.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

'Christian' group Family Research Council supports fraudulent lawsuit aimed at stealing the presidency from Biden

The Family Research Council approves of attempts to steal the presidential election from Biden.

It shouldn't be unbelievable that the Family Research Council has come out supporting what's been called a "long shot" and a "seditious" attempt by Donald Trump and his supporters to overturn the election which he lost to Joe Biden. 

First a little background.

 Since losing to Biden, Trump and his allies have falsely contended that he actually won by a landslide but because of a massive conspiracy of fraud, Biden turned out to be the victor. They have filed lawsuit after lawsuit across the country attempting to overturn the election on hearsay and discredited, refuted claims. They've lost over 50 cases. Politifact said these losses can be attributed to them not being able to prove widespread fraud, errors, and jurisdictional problems.

But now enters Texas attorney general Ken Paxton with a lawsuit which is not only a sham, but has dangerous repercussions. 

According to Raw Story:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing four battleground states — Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — whose election results handed the White House to President-elect Joe Biden. In the suit, he claims that pandemic-era changes to election procedures in those states violated federal law, and asks the U.S. Supreme Court to block the states from voting in the Electoral College. 

 . . . In a filing to the high court Tuesday, Paxton claims the four battleground states broke the law by instituting pandemic-related changes to election policies, whether “through executive fiat or friendly lawsuits, thereby weakening ballot integrity.” Paxton claimed that these changes allowed for voter fraud to occur — a conclusion experts and election officials have rejected — and said the court should push back a Dec. 14 deadline by which states must appoint their presidential electors.

Paxton's claims of fraud are the same ones which were practically laughed out of court in several of the over 50 cases I mentioned earlier.  The courts found that the claims simply were not proven. 

Still, the lawsuit is asking the Supreme Court to nullify the results of those four battleground states, thereby removing 62 electoral college points from Biden and then allowing the House of Representatives in those states - all GOP majority - to vote for the presidential candidate.


In other words, stealing the election for Trump. 

In addition, 17 states, all voting for Trump in the election, and over 100 members of the House of Representatives, all Republicans, have signed on to this lawsuit.

But them, the lawsuit itself, and Paxton have been widely slammed by the legal community, the media, and others elected officials. Many have predicted that SCOTUS won't even waste time considering it. Others have called the lawsuit "undemocratic and seditious,"  a joke, and "a dangerous violation of federalism."

On his blog, law professor at the University of California Irvine Richard Hansen was especially brutal as he broke down the reasons why the lawsuit will fail:

 . . .this is a press release masquerading as a lawsuit. Texas doesn’t have standing to raise these claims as it has no say over how other states choose electors; it could raise these issues in other cases and does not need to go straight to the Supreme Court; it waited too late to sue; the remedy Texas suggests of disenfranchising tens of millions of voters after the fact is unconstitutional; there’s no reason to believe the voting conducted in any of the states was done unconstitutionally; it’s too late for the Supreme Court to grant a remedy even if the claims were meritorious (they are not). What utter garbage. Dangerous garbage, but garbage.

Now the main point. 

'RuPaul's Drag Race announces first trans man contestant' & other Thur midday news briefs


 'RuPaul's Drag Race' announces first trans man contestant in season 13 cast - It is significant. 

Frustration builds as Biden’s Cabinet includes no LGBTQ picks - I think in this case, we can show a bit of patience. We got a rabid dog on the other side who won't let go unless he's smacked on the head. 

Biden faces pressure on women’s health, LGBT issues - Hello! Can he get sworn in, first?

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

The Family Research Council doesn't believe in 'religious freedom' for LGBTQ people

On its webpage, the Family Research Council says the following about the idea of "religious liberty."

Family Research Council believes that religious liberty—the freedom to hold religious beliefs of one’s own choosing and to live in accordance with those beliefs—is an inherent human right. Therefore, the religious liberty of all people of all faiths everywhere must be promoted and defended.

The group has several sections on the concept. In the section it calls Domestic Religious Freedom, FRC says the following:

Family Research Council believes that religious liberty—the freedom to hold religious beliefs of one’s own choosing and to live in accordance with those beliefs—is an inherent human right. Religious belief is of the utmost importance because it informs our deepest convictions about God, the world, and ourselves. The American Founders understood the importance of religious liberty and ensured that it was protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. All people have the right to bring their religious beliefs into the public square. Churches, private organizations, public servants, and other individuals have the right to proclaim their faith in public settings and to bring their religiously-informed moral values to bear in all aspects of public life, including public policy decisions.

It's rather noble of FRC, that is if the organization actually believed that. A post on its webpage, New ’Woke’ Denomination is a Warning Sign to Christians, could be called a contradiction. 

'Hate group claims Ritz ad 'promotes the transgender lifestyle'' & other Wed news briefs

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Michele Bachmann can't seem to cope with Trump losing the election

Michele Bachmann

 As the Trump presidency wanes down - no matter how he tries to fight against it - one has to wonder how the religious right i.e. the anti-LGBTQ industry is handling the slow cancellation of their meal ticket.

Some, such as Franklin Graham and the Family Research Council, are being slightly cagey about it. Graham is spending a lot of time on Twitter either citing Biblical verses or focused on other things. FRC is dancing around the issues by not really taking a definite side, but having "educational" interviews about the frivolous lawsuits Trump and company are pursuing in a highly unsuccessful attempt to overturn Biden's win.

Meanwhile, the "second stringers" of the religious right are going all in with the accusations that Trump is being cheated out of a second term. One person in particular is former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. To put it lightly, ever since Trump lost, she seems to have lost her mind. She's practically transformed herself into Carrie White's mother with her prayers (notice I am speaking in plural, not singular) to God to overturn Trump's loss.  I'm almost expecting her to film herself slapping her husband, Marcus with a Bible while rambling about the "blood and the intercourse" and then dragging him into a closet to pray. That would be, of course, after making him say "Eve was weak."

There was this prayer in November when she asked God to use his "iron rod" against the election.

The following prayer was a few days ago. And it's creepy.

'Trump's Labor Dept goes through with gutting LGBTQ workplace protections' & other Tue midday news briefs

Trump’s Labor Dept. Goes Through with Gutting LGBTQ Workplace Protections - See, this is why the jerk lost. We will get them back.

'Your kind is not welcome': Homophobic confrontation sparks debate in Wyoming - This is reality. Not the mess pushed by the anti-LGBTQ industry.

Monday, December 07, 2020

Supreme Court hands huge victory to transgender youth with regards to locker rooms and bathrooms

I never thought I would be writing a post like this and though it's good news, I still don't trust the Supreme Court we have..

From the Associated Press:

The Supreme Court declined Monday to take up an appeal from parents in Oregon who want to prevent transgender students from using locker rooms and bathrooms of the gender with which they identify, rather than their sex assigned at birth. The case came from a school district near Salem, Oregon’s capital city. The federal appeals court in San Francisco had upheld a Dallas, Oregon, school district policy that allows transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identity. Parents sued over the policy in 2017, saying it caused embarrassment and stress. A lower court refused to block the policy and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed that ruling, writing that the school district did not violate students’ constitutional rights or a law that protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs.

This case, at least for right now, is a huge victory for our transgender children.

'Biden pledges to lead the 'most pro-equality administration in American history'' & other Mon midday news briefs

President-Elect Joe Biden

Joe Biden makes pledge to lead the “most pro-equality administration in history” of America - Alright. You heard him, LGBTQ America. Keep him to his promise.

Orgy Organizer Says Politicians Across Europe Attend His Sex Parties - Looks like we have a huge scandal in the making. 

Sunday, December 06, 2020

'Drunk History' presents Incredible Moments in LGBTQ History

Drunk History is a television show, created in 2007, in which a drunk person attempts to talk about a historical event.  The rendering is accentuated with actors portraying a historical figure and lip syncing the drunk person's words. The person telling the anecdote is usually a famous actor, podcaster, etc and they do actually get drunk while telling the story. 

According to the creator Derek Waters, it's not scripted. What you are seeing is genuine, albeit the end result of a long process which you can read about via this link. The main thing is that what you end up seeing is not staged. A inebriated person is telling a historical event, which is mostly historically accurate. The dialogue of the actors in the historical anecdote isn't accurate but the gist is always true.

For the purpose of this blog, the above video is about the Stonewall Uprising and Edie Windsor's successful marriage equality lawsuit. Regarding Stonewall, there have been a lot of vehement disagreement about who was there and what actually happened. Some people may get slightly peeved at this rendition of the uprising, while others may feel that an inebriated and comedic retelling of our history in general trivializes our struggle. 

Personally, I think Drunk History is as an interesting and refreshing perspective on historic lessons.

Thursday, December 03, 2020

Comedian Leslie Jones verbally obliterates Donald Trump and his presidency in 55 seconds

Thank you, Leslie Jones for a very astute summary of Trump and his presidency.

The title of this post may seem like an exaggeration, but I think it's an understatement of what comedian and Saturday Night Live alumni Leslie Jones did to Donald Trump when she gave commentary of his nonsense. And even though she was commenting on his latest "the election was rigged" lie, Jones went all in on Trump, setting rhetorical fire to not only the lie but his entire presidency in 55 seconds. I firmly believe if she did this in his face, Jones would have reduced Trump to tears. Her commentary has already gone viral and has been described as "hilariously cathartic."  All I know is that she articulated what I've been wanting to say for four years. Definitely NSFW.