Sunday, January 18, 2015

Anti-gay leader Tony Perkins proves it - his side has NOTHING to refute marriage equality

This morning, Prop 8 lawyer Ted Olson and Family Research Council head Tony Perkins had a debate this morning on Fox News with anchor Shannon Bream as the moderator.

Personally I don't see how any reasonable person can have a debate on Fox News, particularly with someone like Shannon Bream (who is the typical Fox News female anchor - talentless eye candy with a decayed center), but I think Olson did rather well for himself.

With the news that the Supreme Court will be hearing cases which may decide marriage equality in the United States once and for all (keep your fingers crossed and no celebrating UNTIL it's all said and done) and with somewhat of a homefield advantage for Perkins (Fox has interviewed him numerous times without anyone else giving an opposing opinion), one would think that the FRC head would at least try to bring some type of A-game to the debate.

Not so much. It was the same tired old arguments, fear tactics, and misdirections that we are familiar with. Not even Bream could help Perkins as Olson effortlessly beat him down.

Even giving Perkins the last word didn't help because Olson had refuted the point Perkins (i.e. the courts should respect the "will of the people") made in the last word at the beginning of the debate.