Thursday, March 17, 2016

Anti-gay hate group American Family Association blocks me from correcting Fischer's homophobic lies

Bryan Fischer, AFA don't want their anti-gay lies exposed
Come on Bryan, you know that in 2001, the researchers of the study you cited complained that folks like you were distorting their work. The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association also said that homophobia is a cause of those negatives you mention and not the gay orientation itself.  Also, you played a trick regarding the condoms in porn directive. It was talking about all porn. Unlike you, it did not specifically mention gay porn while mentioning heterosexual porn as an afterthought.

The above is a short paragraph which was not derogatory or obscene in any way. And it is factual.

It's too bad that the American Family Association won't publish it as a comment to a ridiculous column written by Bryan Fischer.  The column, Liberals Inconsistent About Fining Behavior, is yet another tirade by Fischer against the lgbt community. The main gist is this part:

The justification for banning cigarette smoking in public places is that innocent bystanders will be forced to breathe in secondhand smoke. But that risk does not exist with smokeless tobacco. 

So liberals are banning chewing tobacco not because it’s bad for others but because it’s bad for you. City councils all across the fruited plain are fining people for engaging in legal behavior because that behavior, legal or not, is a risk to their own health

But using their own logic, the logic of moralistic liberals who fancy themselves the smartest people in the room, we should start fining people for engaging in homosexual sex. 

And as you can see by my above comment, Fischer lists several distortions to back up this ridiculous theory. In my blocked comments, I gave a brief correction of these distortions. However since AFA has chosen to block this correction, I will give more details regarding Fischer's distortions.

Lie 1 - According to the International Journal of Epidemiology, active participation in the homosexual lifestyle can knock 8-20 years off a man’s life expectancy, and reduce it to what it was in 1871. 

Truth - Fischer uses an old religious right lie. He distorted a 1997 study on HIV. We know this because in 2001, the authors of the study complained about how their work was being distorted to claim that gays have a short life span.

Lie 2 - According to the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association, there are at least 10 specific elevated health risks associated with sodomy that practitioners are urged to talk over with their health care provider. The dangers include depression and anxiety, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders, hepatitis, various cancers (including anal cancer and colon cancer), and an alarming list of incurable sexually transmitted diseases. 

Truth -  Some of the topics listed in the GLMA link Fischer mentions aren't even health risks (such as Coming Out to Your Doctor and Fitness - Diet and Exercise) and in several places, GLMA does refer to homophobia and lack of a good support system for the health risks which may plague gays and lesbians (please note that the GLMA link talked about lesbian health, also. Fischer didn't mention that because he seemed to have been consumed with talking about "sodomy.") The important thing is the GLMA link is merely a guide to positive health for gays and lesbians and in no way attacks their orientation.

Lie 3 - A pro-homosexual activist organization in California, The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, persuaded the people of Los Angeles County in 2011 to institute fines for every porn producer who allows performers to engage in unprotected gay sex. (The ban extends to all porn shoots, heteroseuxal as well as homosexual.) Why the ban on unprotected gay sex? Because of the obvious risk to human health, particularly of contracting HIV/AIDS.

Truth - The law did not single out gay porn while adding heterosexual porn as an afterthought. It was a law talking about all porn in general.

This is not the first time Fischer and the AFA have been caught demonizing lgbts and I doubt that it will be the last.

Fischer's column and the blocking of my correction of his lies is something we should all remember because it is  the center of the anti-lgbt propaganda hate groups like the American Family Association and folks like Fischer use. This propaganda aids the religious right tremendously as they undermine lgbt equality by passing  awful statewide "religious liberty" laws or painting transgender men and women as predators. They spend a considerable amount of time branding us as the other, exploiting people's fears and ignorance about what we allegedly do sexually to each other or want to allegedly do to children. Then they play the victim when we make moves to exercise our rights, such as the one to marry.

We are targeting them, they say. We are trying to shut them down.

Okay Bryan Fischer and the American Family Association, if lgbts are the bad guys, then why are you the ones telling lies?

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Happy Birthday, Bayard Rustin!

Bayard Rustin
In this day and age when good leaders are hard to find and those we have chosen as leaders (and pundits) are grabbing for the money instead of emphasizing simple honesty, let's recognize a man who should remind us all what a good public servant once was. Leader, speaker, organizer, chief coordinator of the 1963 March on Washington, posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, Bayard Rustin.