Tuesday, March 01, 2022

ACLU, Lambda Legal steps in with lawsuit for family feeling the brunt of Texas investigation of trans children and their parents

This right here is some HEAVY bullsh!t and I am too angry to be scared. Those who are scared, please know that I am not calling you cowards. You have a right to your fear. Don't lose hope because this will not stand. Meanwhile, I've got enough rage right now for everybody. Just call me the Santa Claus of rage.

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing Texas governor Greg Abbott over his directive to investigate supportive parents of trans children for child abuse.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against the Texas Department for Family and Protective Services and Governor Greg Abbott for implementing a directive to investigate parents that provide gender-affirming care to transgender children. 

 In a Feb. 22 letter, Abbott ordered the DFPS to investigate gender-affirming care among youths in the state following an official declaration from state Attorney General Ken Paxton who also called it "child abuse." The DFPS promptly announced that it would comply with Paxton and Abbott's directive. The department told ABC affiliate KVUE there were no investigations into such alleged "child abuse" before Abbott's directive. DFPS Commissioner Jaime Masters is also listed as a defendant in the complaint.


The lawsuit, announced by the ACLU and LGBTQ group Lambda Legal, is on behalf of a parent (who is named Jane Doe) of a trans child (who is named Mary Doe) and an employee the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services(dig the irony) . Her statement in the petition (pgs 20-24) is downright chilling.