Friday, September 05, 2014

'The worst attack on same-sex families you will ever read' & other Friday midday news briefs

Laurie Higgins: Libraries Need Books About The 'Joy' Kids Feel When Their Gay Parents Die - A little advice from me to anti-gay activist Laurie Higgins: It's not a good idea to say how libraries should stock books about how children in same-sex households will celebrate if their gay parents die  because they can be adopted in a home with a "mother and father." Regardless if you made the implication in sarcasm or satire, it's really NOT FUNNY at all. 

Linda Harvey: Gays 'Preying On Children' At Youth Centers - At this point, a Linda Harvey comment is so predictable. "Blah, blah, blah, gays are evil sinners who want to have sex with children, blah blah blah" Come on, Linda. Even Celine Dion gets new material.  

Remembering LGBT Health Advocate Andrew Cray - I never had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Cray but from the good he did, more people should know who he was.  

Joan Rivers Was One Of The Earliest And Loudest Gay Icons - I know. Joan was loud and wild, but she had a good heart and was funny as all get out.  

Values Voter Summit Attracting Fewer Politicians than in Past Years - I am happy to see that the Southern Poverty Law Center is not backing down from calling out anti-gay hate groups.  

Florida Officials Appeal Ruling Striking Down Gay Marriage Ban - Oh come on, folks.

Louisiana residents sound off against awful marriage equality ruling

When Justice Martin Feldman ruled for Louisiana's marriage equality ban two days ago, he conveniently forgot about a number of folks. And they aren't happy:

 Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper.