Friday, February 24, 2017

'Media not doing good job in calling out anti-lgbt hate groups' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Major Publications Fail To Identify Anti-LGBTQ Hate Groups In Transgender Policy Coverage - We clearly have more work to do because this problem isn't simply about transgender issues. There is a reluctance in much of the media to call anti-lgbt hate groups what they are. I'm not of the mindset of some in my community about denying these groups a platform. I don't think it should be a platform where they are allowed to spew their litany of lies without challenged by a pro-lgbt spokesperson. And I also don't think the media should turn an invisible eye to these groups. They call them to respond on issues but rarely is there any story or article focused on the tactics of anti-lgbt groups. That HAS to stop.

2013 booklet on anti-lgbt groups
Speaking of which:

 How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right Lie on Gay America - my free online booklet on anti-lgbt hate groups and their tactics. Published in 2013, it is still relevant today seeing that Trump is working hand-in-hand with some of these groups and spokespeople. I have a feeling that the booklet will be needed a lot before it's all over.  

Transgender Republicans say Trump seriously failed his first LGBT litmus test - Transgender attendees at CPAC. Lawd hammercy!  

Why On-Screen Representation Actually Matters - Seeing people's lives mean a lot. And it's not solely an lgbt issue.

  Arkansas Supreme Court strikes down pro-LGBT city ordinance - Siiiiigh!

Stop Using Women And Girls To Justify Transphobia - PREEACH!!