Sunday, October 07, 2018

Anti-LGBTQ hate group giddy that Kavanaugh confirmed for SCOTUS

Hate group leader Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association

Well it happened Saturday.

Brett Kavanaugh is the newest SCOTUS justice. It was an ugly fight and he barely got 50 votes. What it means for the court remains to be seen, but a few anti-LGBTQ hate groups and homophobic personalities are giddy over it. Rather than go down the line, I will share only what the American Family Association had to say. Apparently the site Mediaite, which generally hardly ever focuses on these groups, reported on it:

AFA President Tim Wildmon, son of AFA founder Donald Wildmon also chimed in. He said, in the release, “Brett Kavanaugh is a constitutional judge who will adhere to the original intent of our Founding Fathers. Despite the sleazy tactics used against Judge Kavanaugh, he has weathered the storm. His confirmation will have a positive impact for generations to come. Issues important to the American Family Association, such as sanctity of life and religious freedom, are taking on an even greater importance in our culture, and how the Supreme Court rules in these matters will affect every American for decades to come.”

The younger Wildmon continued, saying, “Liberals desperately want absolute control of the courts to continue their full-throttled attack to destroy America. Democrats, for example, want to use the courts to create open borders, to force people of faith to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs, and to allow boys who think they are girls into public school restrooms designated for girls only. This effort will not stop at the lower courts, even in light of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.” 

They are careful to not say it directly, bu they are hoping that Kavanaugh would be the deciding vote to overturn Roe v Wade, be a roadblock to LGBTQ rights, and maybe overturn marriage equality. That's why right-wing and conservative groups were pushing so hard for him and spending the dark money to get him through. Read all about how one group, the Judicial Crisis Network, spent millions to get him on the court.

In contrast, the LGBTQ community got what we have so far the right way. We went through the long process and proved in a court of law that we were deserving of the rights we have, including marriage. We didn't need to spend money pretending to be an objective news source or coordinating talking points with other fake news sources, shameless pundits, astroturfed supporters, and propaganda networks. We didn't have to rig the game by pushing for partisan individuals to serve on the courts because we, unlike those who oppose us having any rights,  were able to prove our cases. Our arguments were sound.   They were truth. And no matter who is on the courts, we aren't about to give up what we earned without a fight. Right is on our side.

Related post: Pro-Kavanaugh Councilman: ‘Better Get Your Coat Hangers Ready’ - not necessarily LGBTQ-centered but it's a nasty view into how some on the right views Kavanaugh's selection. This and the post above regarding the AFA are than enough reasons to storm the voting booth en masse on election day in November so we can begin the process of righting the ship other folks turned upside down