Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Ugliness of homophobia, transphobia must always be revealed

Every group has to deal with stereotypes created out of prejudices. And of course that includes LGBTQ people. 

I made a short list:

We are trying to recruit children

We like lots of sex, the unhealthiest the better

We are disease ridden individuals

We are criminals

We hate Christians 

It's same message Anita Bryant pushed in the 70s, the Moral Majority pushed in the 80s, the religious right pushed in the 90s, and the same message we are being bombarded with today by people like Ron DeSantis, Christopher Rufo, Seth Dillon, and the rest of that bunch.

And like in the past, it's being prettied up and disguised behind the veneer of parental rights, protecting the children, religious liberty or whatever boardroom concept conservatives have dreamed up. But as difficult as it is, we must never forget the rip off the mask every chance we get and expose just what we're dealing with.

When you rip away the disguise, below is what you see. Lies, lies, and more lies.

Links to comics are here. Trigger alert warning.

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