Friday, November 25, 2011

The best reasons for marriage equality that you will ever see

So that you folks don't think that I'm totally immersed in raising hell with the religious right, I present to you an absolutely stunning, stunning ad from Australia on why marriage equality is important.

It is to the point, universal, and says it all.

Have you seen the ad? If so, stop weeping and spread it to the far corners. EVERYONE has to see this.

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This anti-gay video clip will leave you COLD

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. I had a nice quiet time, but back into the breach, as they say.

I saw this video clip on youtube merely minutes ago and I just have to share it with you. It's from the documentary Stonewall Uprising.  It is from the 1960s when a Dade County, FL police detective was lecturing an auditorium full of children about the so-called dangers of being gay.

And it speaks for itself in regards to our history, our heritage, where the lgbtq community has come from and where we are now:

Just think. There are people who, right now at this present age, want us to go back to that nightmare.

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