Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why is Christianity getting a bad rep? Because of this . . .

Unbelievable. A day after smearing gay men with an ugly tweet about the Boy Scouts and pedophilia, Liberty Counsel member and Liberty University Dean (yeah, I know!) Matt Barber has the audacity to talk about how marriage equality is from Satan and is a way that government is "shaking its fist" at God.

 I doubt Satan has anything to do with marriage equality. If you ask me, I think he was too busy getting Barber to post that nasty tweet.

'MN governor signs marriage equality bill into law' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signs marriage equality bill into law. Enjoy the above video, folks. It is the culmination of hard work because all things worth getting are things worth fighting for, tooth and nail. 

 In other news:  

Nevada Assembly Votes to Add Gender Identity and Expression to State’s Hate Crimes Law - Meanwhile, we get a huge victory in Nevada.  

Another Oregon Baker Denies Baking Wedding Cake for Gay Couple: VIDEO - This is junk. If you allow people to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, where do these allowances stop?  

Senator Jeanne Shaheen Pushes For Equal Benefits For Gay Service Members, Veterans - Because it's the right thing to do.

Boy Scouts Paying Ralph Reed to Play 'Peacemaker' in Promoting Change to Anti-Gay Policy? - Mercy! That's like getting a python to watch over baby chicks.

Why can't homophobes stop talking about gays and sex?

We've seen it with 'Porno' Pete LaBarbera and Matt Barber (whom a less polite friend of mine once dubbed the 'Sisters of Sodomy') and now with this absolutely bizarre video.

Why do some homophobes constantly obsess with how they think gays are having sex?

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper.