Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Does the Family Research Council's bland video make the case for gays to join the Boy Scouts?

The Family Research Council just posted its video about the Boy Scouts thinking of lifting the ban on gays and I gotta tell you from my heart:

 It sucks.

Not in the manner of yesterday's video by Janet Porter. While her video contained wild charges of pedophilia and abuse, I'm guessing FRC choose to take the high road and hold back on the hyperbole. Thusly, the organization ends up with a bland video which is just as bad as Porter's.

FRC's video doesn't explain why the organizations feels that gays shouldn't be allowed to become members. But believe it or not, in the first part of the video FRC actually makes the case for gays to be members. After all, what parent wouldn't want their child, gay or straight, to be a member of such an upstanding group which produced leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr.?


'Kanye West called 'half a f@g' in blistering homophobic attack' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

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Boy Scout memo: legal challenges, pressure from churches cited in policy change - Maybe, just maybe the Boy Scouts aren't pulling our legs with its possible decision to change its anti-gay policy. 

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Transgender woman settles lawsuit with Boston over treatment during 2010 arrest - And I hope the girlfriend got PAID!

Fear vs. fairness in the Boy Scouts - a video presentation

Let's play the comparison game.

The following is that awful religious right video about the phony dangers of gays in the Boy Scouts:

Compare this monstrosity to this video of gay Scouts, leaders, and their families who yesterday delivered 1.4 million petition signatures to Boy Scout headquarters asking that the organization end its "no gays allowed" policy:

In the matter of the Boy Scouts, it is the classic case of fear vs. fairness.

Let's all hope that fairness wins.