Monday, March 18, 2024

'Actress fired from 'Color Purple' stage show because of anti-LGBTQ comments loses lawsuit' & other Mon/Tues news briefs

Editor's note - As you have noticed, I haven't been as steady on the posts as I have been in the past. I've been going through some trying situations, but I still want to keep you up-to-date, educated, and entertained. And most of all, empowered by what I post here. Please bear with me as I continue to do what I have been doing these past 17.5 years and above all thank you for continuing to stand by me.

Seyi Omooba

Christian actress spent 5 years in court defending her right to make anti-LGBTQ+ comments. She just lost. - You cannot attack the sexual orientation of the character you are hired to portray and expect to keep your job. It does cause problems to your employers. Also, how do you expect anyone to believe that you were unaware that Celie from 'The Color Purple' was a lesbian:

 After hearing testimony in 2021 that Omooba had previously told her agents that she refused to play gay roles and had not bothered to read the script for the musical version of The Color Purple before accepting the role, an employment tribunal dismissed the actor’s religious discrimination claim, The Telegraph reported. The tribunal agreed with Curve Theatre that Omooba had not been fired for her Christian beliefs, but rather because her anti-LGBTQ+ statements would have likely led to “catastrophic” backlash for the theater if she had appeared in the queer role. 

California parents oust school board members who enacted anti-LGBTQ+ policy - Bye Felicias. Voting matters.

Idaho considers a ban on using public funds or facilities for transgender care - There is absolutely no point to this madness. Why push this ban? 

Death of Nex Benedict spurs calls for action, help for LGBTQ teens and their peers - Terrible situation but hopefully some good will come out of it. 

Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis can’t stop racking up humiliating losses in Florida- It's been a good month. 

On Fox News, Caitlyn Jenner defends trans athlete ban - GURL, u r a HOT mess.