Saturday, June 04, 2022

GOP candidate claim teachers are encouraging five-year-olds to have oral sex with each other

Rayla Campbell

All these accusations about teachers 'grooming' children. All of these insane homophobic and transphobic inferences of about teachers trying to supposedly change the sexual identities of children. All of these lies need to be exposed for what they are. They are not the product of parental concerns. They were the gateway for insane folks to grab attention and gain public office.

Exhibit A - Rayla Campbell, a far right, conspiracy theory spouting GOP candidate for the Massachusetts Secretary of State:

Rayla Campbell is a nut. Her comments at last week's state GOP convention were discredited. And even other candidates at the convention called her comments inappropriate. BUT they also backed her general claim that teachers are 'indoctrinating' students. In other words, they don't like the shocking way she said it, but they support the inaccurate inference of what she said.

The point is not so much her chances of winning, which I think is very dim. The point is noting how the threshold is being lowered. There is no sense of shame and decorum with these people any more. No matter how much they pretty up their bigotry to make it palpable, there are always dregs attaching themselves along to remind us about the actual vulgarity espoused.

The only difference between Campbell and someone like Florida Gov Ron DeSantis is a brilliant disguise.  A clever way to disguise the stink, so to speak.