Wednesday, September 23, 2015

'Why is the media coddling anti-gay group leader Tony Perkins?' & other Wed midday news briefs

There is absolutely no excuse for the media's light treatment of the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins. Point blank. He doesn't deserve the designation of a "Christian leader" nor does the Family Research Council deserve the designation of a "Christian organization."  Their lies about the lgbt community need to be addressed, not ignored. More here - How The Media Is Helping A Hate Group Leader Gain Political Power  

Huckabee: Obama Only 'Pretends To Be' A Christian - And so driven insane by the reality that no one in their right minds would want him as president, Mike Huckabee slowly went insane and began to think God picked him to designate who gets to be called true Christians . . . 

A Gay Pastor Faces The Damage Done By His Many Affairs - I LOVE the black church, but this is situation is symptomatic of the hypocrisy and the deliberate ignorance embraced by so many of my heterosexual African-American brothers and sisters when it comes to being an lgbt of faith.

 Why Kim Davis Isn’t Off The Hook Yet - Oh come on, y'all. You know it's not over yet . . .

  Barber: Criticism Of Kim Davis Reminiscent Of Sodom And Gomorrah, The Inquisition - And on that note, dear Kim Davis supporters, having someone like Matt Barber defend her is like THE WORST thing to happen to her cause. 

 Director Roland Emmerich Discusses “Stonewall” Controversy - And he addresses it by saying the MOST INAPPROPRIATE thing one could say in a situation like this. I don't see this ending on a positive not at all.