Monday, February 20, 2012

'Porno Pete' LaBarbera wants you to know what 'anal warts' look like

Over the years, I have joked about and done my best to expose the wanton homophobia of "Porno Pete" LaBarbera, head of the hate group Americans for Truth.

And my best ally in that matter has been him. But today, I think he stooped to a level which even shocks me.

Today, he has decided to post on his site a picture of an STD - anal warts - close up.

Accompanying that morbid picture, he features a guest post from Lara Melton, a woman who has allegedly spent 20 years typing acute care medical record.

Melton proceeds to make the following claims:

Because of privacy issues, I cannot cite the specific contents of the actual medical reports I have transcribed – but the following are some general examples of what they reveal [Editor’s note: AFTAH has added web links giving further information about these maladies]:

Gay-on-Gay Assaults are at the hands of their same-sex domestic partners (not “hate crimes”) and are repetitive. (Reading details of the beatings is highly disturbing.);

Besides the many patients with HIV/AIDS, extremely common conditions are patients with penile lesions, testicle swelling and epididymitis*, anal warts, anal lesions, anal tearing, anal scarring, perirectal fistulas, external hemorrhoids with recurrent bleeding and anal abscesses, requiring surgeries such as colectomy, colostomy and colorectal surgery.

Some have rectal cancer (anal cancer). [See; UCSF;

Many have substance abuse problems and the resultant psychiatric disorders, depression, suicidality.

Anal Laxity: From my work I have learned that repeated sodomy (or anal sex) results in a condition called anal laxity (looseness) that requires surgery or a colostomy bag in order for the bowels to function properly.

Research tells us that when lgbtqs suffer problems of substance abuse, depression, etc, it's generally because the effects of homophobia. Also, that fear of homophobia plays a serious role in gays not going to or trusting their doctors and thereby missing basic health instruction.

No study or research has ever blamed the lgbtq orientation for medical problems.

As for the other stuff Melton alleges, I have a problem its truthfulness, particularly the parts regarding "anal laxity." It's no secret that LaBarbera seems to be on this kick about gay men and "loose bowels" ever since that awful five-part interview with homophobic diaper pastor Patrick Wooden. During the interview, Wooden claimed that gay men have so much sex that they require surgery and diapers. He also claimed that gay men use gerbils and cell phones as sexual instruments.

However, it seems that perhaps LaBarbera is garnering negative attention from his obsession with this mess, hence the need to refer to a "mysteriously anonymous" typist of medical reports.

And also because of his need to post a close-up picture of anal warts.

Now we may shudder in disgust when looking at LaBarbera's page or laugh at his psychological need to go off the deep end when attacking the lgbtq community, but let's not forget one thing.

LaBabera is a living, breathing embodiment of homophobia. He puts stuff like this on his page to demonize us, to make us look like monsters in the eyes of others.But his stridency backfires and he ends up looking like the monster.

But there are others out there who can temper themselves (i.e. the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, Peter Sprigg) and push a better balance between stigmatizing the lgbtq community and pretending to be concerned experts.

Watch them. They are the real dangers.

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