Wednesday, January 15, 2014

'Congressman: Judges who rule for marriage equality need plumbing lessons' & other Wednesday news briefs

Fox's Ablow: There's No Such Thing As Being Transgender - And Fox News continues to bash our transgender brothers and sisters. 

 Conserva-favorite pastor: POTUS is basically the Anti-Christ's warmup act - Only a religious right pastor can intertwine President Obama, marriage equality, and the Anti-Christ. 

  Ex-Gay Activist: US Will Become The 'Land Of The Free' Once We Criminalize Homosexuality - When NOM failed to include the anti-gay D.L. Foster in its strategy to plant a wedge between the black and gay communities, it really missed the boat.

Sean Hannity once helped to push propaganda about gays, gerbils, and bodily wastes

Sean Hannity is one of the personalities on Fox News aiding religious right groups push the false talking point that the lgbt community is intolerant of "other view points" and want to silence people.

Based on an interestingly nauseating incident which took place in 1989, Hannity should really know better. Decades before he was a bombastic, fact-free pseudo news personality, he was a shock jock who got fired from a California college radio station due to a interview which has to be heard (complete with a barf bag) to be believed. According to Media Matters:

Before becoming a prominent Fox News personality, Sean Hannity was fired from a local radio show for peddling a number of extremely disparaging smears about gay people, including the myth that gay men are prone to disease because they consume each other's feces during sex.

In his new book The Loudest Voice in the RoomNew York magazine journalist Gabriel Sherman describes the start of Sean Hannity's career as a conservative radio personality, beginning with an hour-long morning call-in show at KCSB, the UC Santa Barbara college station. The short-lived show was canceled in 1989 after Hannity made a number of extreme anti-gay remarks during a segment featuring Gene Antonio, author of the book The AIDS Cover-up? The Real and Alarming Facts About AIDS. According to Sherman:
In April 1989, Hannity invited the virulent anti-gay activist Gene Antonio on the air to promote his already widely discredited book, The AIDS Cover-up? The Real and Alarming Facts About AIDS. A Lutheran minister without scientific training, Antonio peddled paranoid fictions about the epidemic. He wrote that the virus could be transmitted by sneezes and mosquito bites and that the Centers for Disease Control and the American Medical Association conspired to cover up the "truth."
At the opening of his hour-long interview, Hannity said: "I'm sick and tired of the media and the homosexual community preventing us from getting the true, accurate information about AIDS in this day." He went on to describe The AIDS Cover-up? as an "excellent book" that was "so full of facts" and added, "if you want the real truth about this deadly, deadly disease, he's not afraid to say what the homosexuals don't want you to hear." He gave his audience Antonio's mailing address, where they could order "autographed copies" and write to find out about "places where homosexuals can go for help if they want to change." [The Loudest Voice in the Room, pg 239] 

Oh yes he did. The following transcript provides just snippets of the interview in which Hannity and Antonio spread nauseating propaganda about the lgbt community (Editor's note - to hear the audio, go here).

ANTONIO: [T]hey have had meetings, literally, of the SPCA, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Dallas and elsewhere around the country, because these homosexuals were cutting the claws off of gerbils, and prying their teeth out, and stuffing them up their rectums. It's called gerbil stuffing. 
HANNITY: Oh, my God.
CALLER: I believe you. They're getting sick with it. Crazy.
ANTONIO: It's just this perversion. They don't know what to do. They're frantic in the search for a substitute woman. They put fists up the rectum.
HANNITY: And then they wonder why they have so many diseases, you know? I don't understand it. But they won't let you say that they have a disease. They won't let you say it's a gay disease and they won't let you examine the practices that have caused them, making them so susceptible to these diseases. [KCSB, 4/4/89, emphasis added]

Lindsey Graham's challenger talks about impeaching federal judges over marriage equality

Lee Bright
It is known in South Carolina that Senator Lindsey Graham isn't exactly the lgbt community's best friend. It is also known that there is supposedly something more to that but my mother taught me to never pass around rumors.

Graham has been in danger of being primaried by the tea party for the longest time and I could almost care less. I say almost because one of the Republicans who is challenging him, SC State Sen. Lee Bright doesn't necessarily sound so bright. In fact, in this clip, when he talks about impeaching federal judges simply for ruling in ways that folks like him don't like (such as the Utah judge who recently ruled FOR marriage equality), he sounds downright spooky.
Never thought I would see that day in which I was actually rooting for Lindsey Graham:

I won't even talk about what he said about allowing teachers to have machine guns.

 Hat tip to Right Wing Watch