Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lindsey Graham's challenger talks about impeaching federal judges over marriage equality

Lee Bright
It is known in South Carolina that Senator Lindsey Graham isn't exactly the lgbt community's best friend. It is also known that there is supposedly something more to that but my mother taught me to never pass around rumors.

Graham has been in danger of being primaried by the tea party for the longest time and I could almost care less. I say almost because one of the Republicans who is challenging him, SC State Sen. Lee Bright doesn't necessarily sound so bright. In fact, in this clip, when he talks about impeaching federal judges simply for ruling in ways that folks like him don't like (such as the Utah judge who recently ruled FOR marriage equality), he sounds downright spooky.
Never thought I would see that day in which I was actually rooting for Lindsey Graham:

I won't even talk about what he said about allowing teachers to have machine guns.

 Hat tip to Right Wing Watch

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Anonymous said...

Hitler had the same problem with judges who ruled based on law instead of his ideology.