Thursday, February 03, 2011

Let's never forget the lgbt community during Black History Month

This month marks a holiday near and dear to my heart - Black History Month. Enjoy this video from the Human Rights Campaign.

And in the coming days, I will be posting more videos of noted lgbts of color who have made their mark throughout history, as well as a Black History Month quiz.

How many questions will you answer correctly?

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Anti-gay hate group trying to scare senior citizens and other Thursday midday news briefs

TVC Front Group Frightens Seniors By Claiming The Bible Has Been Outlawed - Hate group the Traditional Values Coalition strikes again.

WATCH: Sensitive Gay Teen Storyline on "Are We There Yet?"
- An African-American oriented show with a good storyline about a gay teen. Awesome!

Gay Walk Of Fame Planned For Castro - Just in time for Black History Months. And yes there are some African-Americans included on this list.

Utah Bill to Ban Gay Families? - Yep. They are certainly trying.

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Anti-gays activists not required to show proof anymore, they just lie

 Editor's note - Check out the post below this one written late last night. Apparently while Ugandan police have a suspect in the murder of David Kato, those on the right are gloating about it.

Probably the poorest article I have ever read on the anti-gay One News Now is the following regarding the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)'s recent "No Name-Calling Week."

Rebecca Burgoyne, research analyst with California Family Council, tells One News Now that children across The Golden State are being indoctrinated with a pro-homosexual message. She maintains that the Obama administration and homosexual lobbyists are advancing an agenda that silences religious speech and the rights of parents.

"For many years, maybe a decade or so, gay activists in California have been making a big to-do about 'bullying' because of sexual orientation -- or even perceived sexual orientation," she explains. And the term "bullying," she argues, has become the elementary-level word for "hate speech."

And do you want to know Burgoyne's proof of this? The following:

In an article published on her group's website, Burgoyne notes that a young adult book featured during the week is The Misfits. The book, authored by an open homosexual, normalizes same-sex attraction, one character being an "openly homosexual seventh-grader who sees nothing wrong with being attracted to the boy who sits next to him in class."

The CFC research analyst contends that through such events as "No Name-Calling Week," homosexual activists are seeking to make same-sex attractions acceptable to young children -- while at the same time silencing the voice of other viewpoints.

You ever get the feeling that some supposed experts on the right are initially given trigger words designed to induce rage and concern in their audiences in lieu of facts?

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GLSEN's 'No Name-Calling Week' brings out the hypocrisy of anti-gay activism

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