Friday, September 30, 2016

Gays are coming after YOUR children . . . again?

This lie must be confronted.

One thing the lgbt community should confront as a stand alone issue is the constant propagation of the lie that we are trying to "recruit" children.

From Anita Bryant in the late 1970s to the marriage equality fights, to the present battle over transgender equality, the religious right has consistently created a horrible image of lgbts luring young boys and girls into a so-called life of homosexual squalor and wanton sex.

It is probably the most successful and enduring lie the religious right has in its arsenal.

The latest incarnation is from wannabe anti-lgbt activist Michael Brown in an column at One News Now:

Do you need to lock your doors and windows at night because a homosexual predator is coming after your kids? That is absolutely not what I mean when I say that LGBT activists are coming for your children.I'm talking about educators and government leaders; I'm talking about celebrities and judges; I'm talking about people of influence who want to indoctrinate your children even before they get to school.I'm talking about an all-out war for the minds and hearts of your kids.
 . . . I understand what motivates the activists and educators. They want to teach "tolerance" and they want a child who does not appear to be "gender conforming" to realize that their insides might not be in harmony with their outsides. But that doesn't make what they're doing right, nor does it make it helpful. And the best motivation in the world cannot change falsehood into truth. That being said, it is clear that LGBT activists and their allies have had ample motivation to change the thinking of Americans, beginning with our children, and already in 1995, lesbian author Patricia Nell Warren stated, "Whoever captures the kids owns the future." (Published in The Advocate, October 3, 1995, p. 80, in the article "Future Shock.")

To put it mildly, Brown is an idiot. His hysterical diatribe omits two facts - that many young children are identifying as lgbts without any prodding from anyone and that same-sex families are raising children. That last point is important to combat the semantics of his argument. Lgbts are not after the children of so-called normal families. We are not outside the box watching heterosexuals raising children. We are raising children ourselves.

However, the sad part of Brown's nonsensical column is that some people will believe it as truth. That's unfortunately to be expected.

Still, the lgbts want to "recruit" children is a lie that the community must aggressively call out. And not before someone likes Brown puts us on the defensive.