Monday, August 08, 2016

'Bloodshed' & 'invading homosexuals' - Two reasons why Christianity is losing followers

Last year there was an ado about Christianity losing followers, particularly among younger folks.  A lot of reasons were given, but one reason has to be emphasized.

Perhaps a lot of the faces we see and the voices we hear seem to be less concerned with the tenets of Christian love for one's follow man and instead more concerned with figuratively raining fire and brimstone against the lgbt community. Even if that fire and brimstone is rooted in demonization and inaccurate smears.

Case in point are these two videos courtesy of Right Wing Watch which show ministers Flip Benham and Otis Kenner working themselves into a froth and throwing out absolutely inane opinions against the LGBT community. I continue to be amazed how people who claim to be of God get so rooted in lies and hate. They can claim not to hate lgbts all they want, but words like these only come from hate.

The point is how in the world can Christianity retain any credibility, particularly with the younger crowd, when some ministers spend more time picking on the lgbt community and less time on speaking about more important issues such as poverty and inequality?

In this video, Kenner actually attempts to cite research about lgbts. But the research is over 50 years old. Of course for the rest of his rambling sermon - the part involving "invading homosexuals" - he offers no citations

'Rubio defends attendance at anti-lgbt Orlando event' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Rubio is pushing the 'tolerance' con job again

Marco Rubio Defends Radical Anti-LGBT Orlando Event - Marco Rubio thinks that lgbts are the bad guys because we don't "tolerate" the opinions of those who would smear us as oversexed, diseased pedophiles who don't deserve equality. Oh I weep for his concern. 

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Many Americans Hear Politics From the Pulpit - Our equality continues to be a hot political issue, but we don't seem to have a good way to change the narrative.

 Restroom battle may head to the Texas Legislature - Case in point . . .  

Trans People Open Up About What It’s Like To Transition In The Workplace - I never really thought about this issue.

Misinformation & lies are what Trump and anti-lgbt right have in common

The press is making a huge issue how Donald Trump lies with impunity and his supporters don't seem to care. I'm glad that they are realizing this sort of thing, but it's not necessarily indicative of just Trump.

In the nine and a half plus years I've tracked the anti-lgbt right, I've seen the same thing happen continuously. Only hardly anyone in the mainstream seemed to have cared how so-called religious right groups distort science and truth to demonize lgbts and spread all sorts of bad information to their supporters and the public. Maybe this emphasis on Trump will bleed down to them. But I doubt it.

Case in point, this lovely "poll question" courtesy of the American Family Association's One News Now with regards to gender and sexual orientation. It makes no sense whatsoever, but I don't think One News Now cares about making sense or spreading truth: