Thursday, July 13, 2023

Casey DeSantis channeling Anita Bryant in sad attempt to save husband's flailing presidential campaign

Florida activist and former state legislator Carlos Guillermo Smith got it right with this tweet about how the Ron DeSantis presidential campaign is attempting to use his wife Casey as a political asset. 

And how it's actually not a good look.

 In the 1970s, Anita Bryant became infamous with her attacks on the LGBTQ community. She was probably the first who recognized how homophobia disguised as Christian faith can be a devasting political tool. And she used it with abandon.  She made horribly inaccurate claims about how gays are recruiting children and then used her "Christian beliefs" to shield herself from accusations of bigotry. It was successful for her at first, but her crusade eventually destroyed her career and marriage. 

Mrs. DeSantis is obviously copying Bryant's modus operandi of scapegoating LGBTQ people, even down to the 'recruiting' narrative. While I certainly don't wish ruin for the DeSantis marriage, I sincerely hope this desperate shift from Ron DeSantis to his wife as sort of fiercely protective "grizzly mother" helps to wreck his flailing presidential campaign.

It certainly appears so.

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