Thursday, August 05, 2010

Maggie Gallagher is another reason why we won yesterday in Prop 8 decision

Another reason why the Prop 8 side lost yesterday is demonstrated by the above video which features Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage and Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marry.

Maybe it's just me but Gallagher came across as rude and shrill. She didn't seem to want to answer the questions at hand and at times talked over host Anderson Cooper.

Isn't it a shame that her cohorts couldn't act the same way in court. Maybe they would have gained a little ground.

One more thing - her "waaaaaa, stop calling me a bigot" routine could easily disappeared is someone would ask her about her associations to folks like the Traditional Values Coalition and Louis Marinelli.

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Message to Maggie Gallagher: associating with bigots does make you a bigot

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How George Rekers is connected to the Prop 8 supporters and other Thursday midday news briefs

An incredible breakdown by Rachel Maddow as to how the Prop 8 side is connected with the discredited George Rekers. And this is a point in which I hope to touch upon in my speech at SC Pride on Sept. 4 - just how connected the religious right is to junk science. The Prop 8 decision should be a lesson to us all. In the face of logic, the dubious claims of the religious right always collapses.

And in other news:

Gary Cass on Prop 8 Ruling: What Do You Expect From the Debased Mind of a Pervert? - Well what else can we expect from a man who defends a church which tried to exorcise "a gay demon" out of a child.

Prop 8: Cable news roundup - And for you news junkies is the roundup of cable news reactions to the Prop 8 decision.

Schadenfreude Alert: Liberty Counsel Blames ADF For Prop 8 Decision - Finally, one of the sweetest tastes from the Prop 8 decision - religious right groups attacking each other.

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More on Proposition 8's pitiful court defense

Again I reiterate the position that Proposition 8 lost yesterday not because of "activist judges" or because of a "secret plot," but because those defending Proposition 8 blew it. They had the chance to defend the vote and failed miserably. I pulled out a number of pieces which proves my point:

Prop. 8 Supporters: We Don't Need Evidence - this is Judge Vaughn Walker's summary of the evidence by those supporting Proposition 8:

At oral argument on proponents' motion for summary judgment, the court posed to proponents' counsel the assumption that "the state's interest in marriage is procreative" and inquired how permitting same-sex marriage impairs or adversely affects that interest. Counsel replied that the inquiry was "not the legally relevant question," but when pressed for an answer, counsel replied: "Your honor, my answer is: I don’t know. I don't know."…

Despite this response, proponents in their trial brief promised to "demonstrate that redefining marriage to encompass same-sex relationships" would effect some twenty-three specific harmful consequences. At trial, however, proponents presented only one witness, David Blankenhorn, to address the government interest in marriage. Blankenhorn’s testimony…provided no credible evidence to support any of the claimed adverse effects proponents promised to demonstrate. During closing arguments, proponents again focused on the contention that "responsible procreation is really at the heart of society's interest in regulating marriage." When asked to identify the evidence at trial that supported this contention, proponents' counsel replied, "you don't have to have evidence of this point."

Pro-Prop 8 Witness Laments Reaction - David Blankenhorn, the only pro-Proposition 8 witness has not had a good experience. I do feel sorry for him. His testimony was probably a huge reason why lgbts won yesterday.

Does Miles McPherson want to hide his gay = pedophilia belief from the Proposition 8 trial? - This piece of mine from earlier this year talks about how there could have been other witnesses for Proposition 8. But they chose not to testify.

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