Monday, July 10, 2023

Federal court says school district can't restrict 11-year-old trans girl from using girls' bathroom


A victory in Wisconsin underscores just how ugly attacks against the trans community are. 

From NBC News:

A federal judge has blocked a Wisconsin school district from requiring transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match the sex they were assigned at birth while a lawsuit plays out against the school. U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman said Thursday that the Mukwonago Area School District must allow a transgender student to use facilities that align with their gender identity, temporarily blocking a policy approved last month by the school board, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. 
The order comes in a lawsuit brought anonymously by an 11-year-old transgender student and her mother. The judge ruled that the school’s policy was causing emotional and mental harm to the student, who was described as a boy at birth but has identified as a girl since she was three years old.

 It's an 11-year-old child. Why is a policy attempting to force her to use the boys' bathroom necessary? Who is she hurting? From the way some people behave about this sort of thing, one would thing she was doing something other than normal bodily functions. Headlines from far-right publication prove that point by attempting to paint a lurid picture:

Gateway Pundit:

Clinton-Appointed Liberal Judge Rules Wisconsin School Must Let Trans-Identifying Biological Male Students Use Girls’ Restroom

Wisconsin School District Must Let Trans-Identifying Student Use Girls’ Restroom, Federal Judge Orders

But even The Daily Wire, in spite of its headline, lends credence to questioning why such a policy banning trans kids from using restrooms of their gender identity is necessary:

The judge’s decision blocks the district from keeping the 11-year-old boy out of the girls’ bathroom. The temporary restraining order states that the boy has been using the girls’ bathroom since he was in third grade and is entering sixth grade. The boy is reportedly currently attending summer school and was told by school district staff that he must use either the boys’ bathroom or a gender-neutral option. The restraining order also says the boy is suffering “emotional and mental harms” due to the bathroom policy.
Since the trans girl was already using the girls' restroom since third grade, what would be the harming with allowing her to use it now? It's doubtful many folks reading publications like The Daily Wire or The Gateway Pundit would get past those headlines with an objective mind intact.

Unfortunately, when it comes to trans issues - particularly trans issues involving kids - the simplicity which is usually there is always ignored by the right and their readers. It's all about exploiting people's fears about predators attacking kids in places where they are vulnerable.  That in itself is a justified fear, but in the worldview of the right, trans kids aren't seen as vulnerable. In fact, they would like these kids not to be seen at all.  

This is because their visibility makes it difficult for grifting outfits like The Daily Wire and The Gateway Pundit and the transphobes they feed off of to forget that when we talk about protecting children, that also means trans children.

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