Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Liberty Counsel scares the money out of guillible Christians

This video is brought to you by the anti-gay organization The Liberty Counsel. This is how they make their money - scaring the hell out of gullible Christians. For the record, the situations involving a pastor being arrested for preaching against homosexuality and a student "forced" to dress up as a member of the opposite sex has never happened.

And they never will. But don't say that too loud. The Liberty Counsel needs to get paid.

'Meet the newest anti-gay spokesperson on the rise' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Meet Janet Mefferd, The Go-To Radio Host For Anti-LGBT Hate Mongers - The lgbt community has too many folks attacking us for simply being who we are. We should stop pussyfooting and call them out. You ignore them and they will only get more powerful, no matter how outrageous they get. 

Rachel Maddow Reports On NOM’s Terrible Day In New Jersey - Thank you, Rachel Maddow for putting attention where it should be. 

 South Carolina gay blogger has his mind on a million and a million on his mind - If you didn't read my post from last night, here is another chance. Why? Because IT IS IMPORTANT.  

FedEx, Other Gay-Friendly Companies Partner With Anti-Gay Leader On Energy Lobbying - Careful, gay-friendly companies. You let the devil ride and then he is going to want to drive.

Brian Camenker, Right-Wing Pundit, Blames LGBT Russians For Anti-Gay Violence - Brian Camenker is a FREAK! I will admit I deserve boos and maybe even some tomatoes for my Nina Simone interpretations but NO ONE deserves to be made a victim of violence for any reason.  

Klingenschmitt: Transgender CO Student Is Visually 'Raping' Girls By Using The Locker Room - OMG! I wish they stop picking on this innocent young lady!