Sunday, November 15, 2020

Video Details The Top 10 Scandals of the Obama Administration


The above video by The Daily Show needs a wider audience because it opens up a conversation that America is too scared (and/or "too white") to have. I've always believed that things are chaotic now because of one thing - the election of Barack Obama as president. 


Because a black man becoming president was such a new concept, it caused extreme trepidation in a lot of Americans. And unfortunately, our media - PARTICULARLY Fox News - chose to exploit this fear by constantly insinuating that Obama was a "Manchurian leader," that "he hated America," that he "bowed to foreign leaders," etc., etc.  They took the most ridiculous situations and pumped them up to scandalous proportions.

They told so many lies about how Obama is trying to destroy America that it ultimately led to where we are now - an America fearful and totally untrustworthy of our own institutions. An America which elected an incompetent fool who not only led us to the brink but also is presently challenging truth itself  in hopes of a second term in spite of losing the recent election. And what's worse, he has a lot of Americans backing him up; Americans have been fed garbage for years by the media who was supposed to give us objective truth but decided to err on the side of exposure, bias, and greed.

The above video is proof of how it all started. It would be hilarious if it all weren't true. But seeing that it is true, it's downright scary.