Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Get your Trump Prayer Coins here!

Don't be surprised. You just KNEW someone would be coming out with this.

Impeachment or no impeachment, removal or no removal, I sincerely hope that Trump's legacy will  include how he unleashed a "grifter class" on America. From conspiracy theory spewing slop artists to propaganda rags to Twitter bomb-throwing shysters, a segment of  hucksters felt emboldened by Trump ascension to the highest office to grab a moment for themselves in the spotlight hoping to gain attention and few bucks.

And no where is this more prominent than in right-wing evangelical circle. Trump has given them an unwritten, self-appointed mandate to hustle and sell their wares. Trump's personal pastor  Paula White,(or as I call her -  "Sister Hot Mess)  is just one of many.

Disgraced former PTL head Jim Bakker is another. He has hopped with both feet on the Trump train, as you can see via this tweet in which he and another religious leader are selling a coin which is then supposed to be used to pray for Trump possible re-election. It can be yours for $45.

Before Trump came along, Bakker was promoting "emergency food buckets," which he encouraged people to buy in case of an "apocalypse."

'Another homophobe joins Trump's 'Faith Advisory Council'' & other Wed midday news briefs

The religious right is melting down over Chick-fil-A & Hallmark Channel this month - They are SUCH drama queens. Oh well. Suffer!

Congress agrees to boost in funds for Trump’s HIV plan — and then some - Good. But I am not giving him credit for it. Read the article to find out why.

The Salvation Army says it doesn’t discriminate against LGBTQ people. Critics say that’s not true. - For those who need further credit on the situation.