Sunday, November 21, 2021

NC's homophobic Lt Gov Mark Robinson compares being gay to flies, maggots, and cow manure


Mark Robinson

It would appear that North Carolina Lt. Gov Mark Robinson is trying to get to the governor's mansion on the backs of LGBTQ people. He has been basking in the backlash of homophobic comments he made about us in the past such as when he claimed that we want to 'recruit' children by supposedly forcing pornographic material on them in school libraries or also calling us called us filth and demonic.

And of course like so many other folks spewing that mess, he claims that his religious beliefs are leading him to say these things. He claims that he is saying these things with love in his heart for LGBTQ people  The thing is when one keeps spouting hatred like Robinson does, the religious beliefs excuse runs a bit thin. Still, he will probably to continue to hide behind his religious beliefs for these new comments:

Robinson, a Republican who is expected to run for governor in 2024, questioned the “purpose” of being gay; said heterosexual couples are “superior” to gay couples; and that he didn’t want to explain to his grandchildren why two men are kissing if they see that on television. 
Robinson made the remarks Sunday, Nov. 14, at Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. They’re the latest statements he has made against gay, lesbian and transgender people, leading some state Democrats to call for his resignation. The White House previously called his remarks “repugnant” and said they spread hate. 
In Winston-Salem, Robinson compared being gay to “what the cows leave behind” as well as maggots and flies, who he said all serve a purpose in God’s creation. “If homosexuality is of God, what purpose does it serve? What does it make? What does it create? It creates nothing,” Robinson said. 

Robinson is simply repulsive here. LGBTQ people shouldn't have to justify ourselves or our lives because some dreary, inadequate loudmouth hypocrite is under the false impression that his religious beliefs allows him to spout off indiscriminately and then pretend to be the victim when criticized for it.

But it does prove a point. Robinson is the actual face of the anti-LGBTQ right - the face that they fear that America will eventually see. Behind all of the nonsense about 'religious freedom,' concern about children, morality and values are the contorted mind of sick individuals which are distorted by either hate or the sad inability to be real with themselves. 

I'm no psychiatrist so I generally don't give a damn about the mental inner workings of bigots. However, in Robinson's case, I will make a small exception when it comes to giving a 'diagnosis' of what he truly is.

Psychologically, Robinson is a pig. He is a greedy gluttonous fool gorging himself on notoriety which comes from exploiting his office to defame a group of people who he knows doesn't have as much power to fight him back.  What's worse is how he wallows in the harmful aftermath of his words with as much eagerness as an actual pig rolls around in slop. The difference is that the pig knows it's covered in slop.  Robinson has fooled himself into thinking that he's covering himself with something a bit more fragrant. He is a bloated mess oozing the nauseating stench of bullying and plain meanness.

I am more concerned about the damage his words do those who aren't as strong to ignore them.  Our LGBTQ kids have enough to handle while dealing with the homophobia of some of their peers. The words of a self-inflated selfish jackass who is unfortunately in a prominent position (Robinson) could do as much damage to them as the slings and arrows of the bigots they are forced to see on a daily basis. If Robinson had a shred of maturity, he would know this.  Or maybe he's too busy trying not to make oinking noises between each utterance of homophobic insults.