Thursday, September 01, 2022

Video - Me and Lucile Bluth for Labor Day

It's the start of the Labor Day weekend holiday, so I am not posting anything serious (although with my luck, I bet something good is going to happen and I will probably miss out).

Barring anything interesting happening, this will be my last post until Monday evening. Those who keep up with this blog will agree with me that I need a break. It's been a turbulent year highlighted by the death of my mother a month ago. In tribute to her and the gift of laughter, I am posting video of quotes from probably one of the worst, but funniest, mothers of all time - Lucille Bluth from  Arrested Development. Lucille is the EXACT opposite of what my mother was.  These clips recently made me laugh at moments when I needed something to lift me up. I hope they have that effect on you, also.

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