Friday, January 07, 2011

Homophobe Matt Barber accuses gays of making him look 'limp-wristed'

Since it's the weekend, I am going to take a break from the serious stuff and do something I enjoy immensely - making fun of the homophobic Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber.

On his Americans for Truth webpage, LaBarbera made the following claim regarding an interview between him and Barber:

In the first part of the interview, LaBarbera discusses how homosexual activists manipulated a photo of Matt taken at a pro-family protest to try and make him look “limp-wristed.” (Barber, a former heavyweight boxer, ably describes the “queer” activists’ penchant for putting down their foes by calling them …. homosexuals.) See the hateful Joe Jervis’ embarrassingly sophomoric use of the trick Barber photo HERE.

LaBarbera is talking about this photo of Barber looking especially like he is "family."

The sad thing about LaBarbera' s statement is that so much of it is false. The photo was not taken at a "pro-family" protest. It was taken at an anti- Proposition 8 protest from two years ago. And we have proof of this because of the link LaBarbera so generously provided. The orginal photo is at the left. Perhaps LaBarbera was claiming that Barber's presence equaled a "pro-family" protest. Well counting Barber and LaBarbera, that was two protesters there. Whoop te do. I wonder what they sang as a protest song.

And of course LaBarbera's claim of the photo being a "trick" is highly specious. I did not listen to LaBarbera's explanation of how this was possible (mainly because I prefer my Metamucil taken orally and not audibly) but from what Jervis told me, LaBarbera was claiming that the "trick" had something to do with the shutterspeed of the camera.


The original photo of Barber and other photos were originally posted on Pam's House Blend. So basically this idea that us gay activists manipulated a photo of Barber to make him look limp-wristed is a serious flight of fancy on the part of LaBarbera and Barber, much like the idea that either of them can be taken seriously as anything but two men with too much time on their hands and too much preoccupation with the so-called nocturnal habits of gay men. They both need to get real jobs.

Barber looking extremely limp-wristed in his photo had nothing to do with us. All we did was to take advantage of his faux pas because honestly, poking fun at Barber (and LaBarbera) is so enjoyable that is should be considered fattening.

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Know Your LGBT History - Beverly Hills Cop

Eddie Murphy is a skilled, versatile actor and should have gotten at least an Oscar nomination for Beverly Hills Cop (1984).

However, having said that, it is worth noting that while I enjoyed this movie immensely, the following scene was just damn ugly.

Granted, to some it's probably not a big deal. However I don't see anything funny with connecting lgbts with sexually transmitted diseases just when the AIDS crisis was gripping the nation.

Just goes to show that even though we have a long way to go, lgbts have come a looong way since 1984:

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The Jeffersons and the transgender community   

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The 'we don't want gays involved in CPAC' boycott grows and other Friday midday news briefs

Heritage Foundation and Media Research Center Join CPAC Boycott - The "we don't want that gay group involved with CPAC" boycott is getting more and more interesting. I'm running out of popcorn.

Audio: Right, because that is what's on gay soldiers' minds in foxholes -- sexual massage - I weep for the stupidity of the religous right . . . almost.

Wendy Wright Demonstrates Fundamentalist Christian Victim Complex - Get over it, Wendy.

NOM’s secret funding sources - I am curious to know where the National Organization for Marriage is getting their money also.

N.J. Gov. Christie approves toughest anti-bullying law in the country - OMG! Did Gov. Christie finally do something right?

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Parents angry after discovering safe sex kits contained lubricant, candy

Religious right groups easily exploit fears about sex sometimes because, let's face it, people fear sex. And they really fear the fact that their children think about sex. This fear leads them to sometimes show irrational degrees of anger, like this situation in New Hampshire demonstrates:

AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region has been banned from the Monadnock School District after parents and school board members objected to the distribution of "safe sex kits" to students following a presentation in December.

School board member Bruce Barlow said AIDS Services overstepped its bounds by offering flavored lubricant and candy in the kits, when the school administration believed only condoms were being handed out.

"When the decision was made to include strawberry-flavored lube in that bag, all common sense left the room," said Barlow. "You can't hand something like that to a 14-year-old boy and expect him to respond to it as an adult would."

The 14-year-old would probably pull out the lubricant and laugh at it while with his friends. Granted, there were a lot of mistakes here. The school administration and the AIDS services group should have checked with each other as to what was going into the kits and there should have been some kind of opt-out policy.

But to flip out over the fact that the safe sex kits contained candy and lubricant seems to be a bit too much for me. The implication seems to be that the candy is "enticing" students to take the kits, but so what if it did? It certainly doesn't mean that the candy will be enticing students to have sex.

And as for the lubricant -  flavored lubricant seems to be a bit much, but let's show a bit of common sense here. What's wrong with including lubricant in safe sex kits? What's the point of distributing safe sex kits if you aren't going to include all of the necessary things to ensure safe sex?

This situation would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.

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