Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Former AFA employee decribes Bryan Fischer as 'a drunken uncle at a wedding'

In a very good piece on the Truth Wins Out webpage, former American Family Association employee (he has since evolved) Joseph R. Murray II described current AFA spokesman Bryan Fischer as:

 . . . a drunken uncle at a wedding who must continually be outrageous in hopes that someone will pay attention.

When listening to the following insane ramblings from Fischer today (courtesy of Right Wing Watch who refutes his lies), I think that description is way too kind:

'NOM endorsed candidate fails BIG TIME in NYC primary' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

So how did the National Organization For Marriage's endorsed candidate do in NYC primary? - Poor NOM. Its candidate in the NYC primary election for mayor BOMBED big time.

Fox's Starnes Fearmongers About Christian Groups Being Denied Federal Food Assistance - Giving inaccurate information in an article is one thing, but giving inaccurate information even though you were GIVEN the correct information is in a class by itself.

UK's anti-equality crowd touts Robert Oscar 'gay parents are slavers' L√≥pez - NOM has a United Kingdom affiliated group and it also puts out crappy videos.  

Federal Government Is Recognizing Same-Sex Couples’ New Mexico Marriages - Sweet!  

Michael Jordan’s daughter comes out as gay on Instagram - The more younger lgbts of color to come out, the better!  

Harvey: LGBT-Inclusive Education Is 'Pure Evil And Should Be Declared Child Abuse' - Linda Harvey. The cure to constipation.

NOM spotlights its own failure

The above video from the National Organization for Marriage was a part of an endeavour the organization called the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance.

The Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance was created to supposedly spotlight "victims" of the push for marriage equality. It was a colossal failure because of the simple fact that NOM couldn't show any compelling proof that those featured in its videos were actual "victims" of a supposed gay menace.

And also, as this video spinning horror stories of what would happen should DOMA be overturned demonstrates, pronouncements of future doom fizzled like flat soda.

To date, no military chaplain has been forced to participate in a gay wedding.

Nice going NOM in reposting this video on your blog. It puts a huge spotlight on your failure.