Wednesday, January 25, 2017

'Spokesman - DeVos supports marriage equality' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Betsy DeVos Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Spokesman Says - Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education supports marriage equality? After ALL of the stuff we have heard about her family giving generously to anti-lgbt groups and causes, we are just hearing this NOW?! Yeah. Okay. My medicine isn't THAT strong to make me buy that.

Future of U.S. LGBT envoy remains unclear - We are watching this situation with MUCH interest.

You Probably Missed The Troubling Thing Sean Spicer Said About LGBTQ Rights - We caught it.  

Charlotte, N.C., Government Fears Retaliation for Pro-LGBTQ Legislation - And the mess in North Carolina continues. 

 Politics are personal for those who are LGBT, inducing self care - You'd better believe it, jack.

 5 hours later, LGBT non-discrimination ordinance advances 4-3 at relocated council meeting - Even in the midst of negativity, lgbts and our allies are succeeding. From what I hear, the crowd at this council meeting in Jackson City (Michigan) was full of folks who supported the ordinance. Of the 86 speakers, 82 favored it.

Randy Rainbow is the perfect antidote to the 'age of Trump' and its 'alternative facts'

I'm not completely familiar with this performer, Randy Rainbow, but I love this video. In the "age of Trump," we are going to seriously need comedy, we are seriously going to need satire, and we are seriously going to need to be "bitchy." I'm talking "Joan Crawford bitchy." And this video of Randy Rainbow taking on Kellyanne Conway about "alternative facts" fits the bill and then some. Yes it's a stereotype to say so, but sometimes it takes a queen . . .