Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Anti-lgbtq hate group continues to target exonerated high school teacher

Mat Staver  and his group, the Liberty Counsel, continues to target an openly gay Florida teacher.

Last month, I posted about how conservative groups and anti-lgbtq hate groups targeted a Florida teacher, Lora Jane Riedas of Riverview High School, claiming that she was forcing her pro-lgbtq beliefs on students and discriminating against Christian students by making them take off their cross necklaces in her class.

After anti-lgtq hate group the Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the school district and the right-wing echo chamber tarnished Riedas's name (making sure to emphasize that she is openly gay), there was an investigation by the school district.

The investigation exonerated Riedas.

However, the Liberty Counsel doesn't want to let the situation end. The group is now claiming that the school district conducted a poor investigation and it is now representing four students. This new claim by the Liberty Counsel about the four students is an interesting twist to the situation seeing that students were interviewed during the  school district's investigation.

I'm going to post various parts of the Riedas exoneration letter sent by the district and compare them to the supposed refutations of the Liberty Counsel: