Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Time Out - Let Stewie from 'Family Guy' make you laugh & cheer you up

For over a day, I've been posting news on Trump's awful 'Erase Trans America' proposal.  His nonsense has galvanized our community, but it has also depressed a lot of us. It emphasizes just how serious the situation is for our community nowadays. And to be honest, it brought back some awful memories for me. I think we all need something to make us laugh. Granted, our minds are still  on the fights ahead, but let's all just take it easy for a brief second and enjoy the following clip of my favorite character from the television series, 'Family Guy.'

'Trump claims his 'Erase Trans America' proposal is about protecting the country' & other Tue midday news briefs

Trump says transgender policy seeks to 'protect the country' - Huh? What kind of hooky-ass word salad bullshit is this? 

CDC chief on anti-trans memo: Stigma ‘not in the interest of public health’ - Even the man Trump appointed as the head of the Centers for Disease Control thinks Trump's "Erase Trans America" proposal is not a good idea. 

 Tony Perkins heads to Fox News to defend Trump administration's latest attack on trans rights - Meanwhile . . .  

These anti-LGBTQ group alumni work in federal agencies that will interpret potential anti-trans definition of gender - And this right here is scary for the entire LGBTQ community. Former employees of anti-LGBTQ hate groups working in areas of the federal government which overlooks justice, health, and education.

 A foster agency wants to discriminate against non-Christian parents - Told ya it was about more than a cake. 

LGBTQ acceptance is a 'partisan issue,' GLAAD survey of candidates finds - Well duuuuh.